Will The Exhaust System In Your Volvo Car Affect Performance?

There is much more into your Volvo exhaust system than the metals pipes you see once you examine the system. As a matter of fact, there is a direct link between your car’s performance and the state of its exhaust system. These two factors actually complement each other. So keeping the exhaust system in a good condition alone will go a long way to help your car’s performance remain at its peak. To better understand how the exhaust system affects performance, you have to understand how the system is made up and the role of all components that make up the system.

The Exhaust Manifold

Combustion takes place each time your car is on the move. Gases form as this happens. That is where the exhaust manifold comes in handy. It moves all spent combustion gases from the exhaust ports in the engine to a central collection point commonly referred to as the ‘collector’. The gases then go through the emission system through the catalytic converters, mufflers and finally out of the tail pipe. You can therefore imagine what would happen if the exhaust manifold develops a problem. First off, combustion may not take place. Then there is the fact that the combustion gases will have a hard time getting off the engine. This will turn the engine lights on and make it hard for you to start the car.

The Catalytic Converter

It is mounted between the muffler and the exhaust manifold.  It also resembles the muffler. Without it, your car will end up releasing toxic emissions. The catalytic converter steps in as a good solution by converting dangerous carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water vapors. These gases can easily expedite the wear and tear factor if they do not find a way out of the car through the exhaust system. They can also contribute to environmental degradation once released without the reaction that takes place at the catalytic converter.  So it is not just the car performance at stake here. The environment stands to lose once the catalytic converter malfunctions.

The Muffler

It is simple in design. Strangely, it can also affect performance. Think about it this way. The faster the engine gets rid of exhaust gases the faster it takes in fresh oxygen. This makes it easy for the engine to generate more power. This means mufflers don’t just reduce noise. They also play a key role when it comes to improving exhaust flow.

Note that there are different types of mufflers.  Each type affects sound and performance in a different way.  For instance, mufflers that feature straight through designs minimize back pressure. They also guarantee hot blazing sound.

Point To Note

There are so many other systems that can affect your car’s performance. With that in mind, take your car for scheduled maintenance and servicing. Check the engine oil each morning too. Only then will you know which system has a problem and what needs to be fixed first. To ensure you have a car that is always ready for the road, taking it for servicing once each month.