Why Your Porsche Starter Produces A Clicking Sound

The Porsche starter is one of the main reasons that your luxury car can start the engine effectively so that you can hit the road. Are there instances when you hear a clicking sound right after hitting the starter? It is not the starter that is actually the problem but the starter motor. Clicks become evident when you are attempting to start the engine. It can only be a single click but there are instances when it can be repeated clicks. Why does the starter have that clicking sound?

Common Causes for Single Clicks

The problem herein lies on a faulty solenoid which can be troubleshot by means of using a gentle hammer blow. But there are instance too when this will call for either refurbishment or replacement of the faulty part. Failure in the starter motor relay can also result to single clicks. You can simply unstick it by gently tapping the relay with your finger. This, however, should not be left occurring every now and then. Replacement is necessary the soonest possible time. You can actually swap this with the horn or any relay that has been used not quite often.

Sometimes, the problem may also be caused by a seized motor and sometimes a seized engine. These problems will need a consultation with a mechanic. When the problem is caused by starter motor internal failure, on the other hand, you simply need to replace or refurbish the motor.

What Causes Repeating Clicks?

Repeating clicks made by the Porsche starter can be due to the fact that there is not enough electrical charge found in the battery. This will compromise the function of the starter motor. In this case, the battery is dead and can be remedied by either charging it with the appropriate charger or jumpstarting the vehicle with power using a battery from another vehicle. If you choose the latter, you need to use booster cables as well. You will need to replace the battery in case the test failed.

Sometimes, several clicks do not always mean that the battery has been badly discharged. It can also be because the battery lost one to a few more cells. The cables running from the solenoid to that of the starter or from the battery to the solenoid can also be small to help carry on the job. It can also be that the starter is beginning to fail and is already drawing current that is more than what is expected to be supplied by the cable. Last but not the least – the problem may also be caused by corroded battery terminals that require cleaning.

After establishing the causes and some recommended solutions for a clicking sound produced by the starter, specifically its motor, you have to make sure that the problem will be solved immediately. It does not necessarily mean replacing the motor right away.  It can be solved depending on the part that is causing the problem. It will be best to have the starter and the car inspected so that the proper solution can be given to the problem at hand.