Why Your Porsche A/C Turns On And Off Without Warning

Having lights that dim every time the A/C compressor starts up can be annoying. But the good news is that is not necessarily a cause of concern. It gets better with the fact that Porsche models always come along with high-quality Porsche A/C compressors. Before going into the intricacies of Porsche A/C compressors and what makes them special, it is important to first find out why your lights dim each time your Porsche A/C turns on.

You’re A/C compressor needs lots of energy to power up. So when it turns on, it drains electricity from other appliances such as the light bulbs. This happens for just seconds. It is why your lights flicker when the A/C compressor starts.  This should be a normal occurrence if:

  • Your lights lose about 5 to 8% of their brightness
  • Your lights dim for just seconds.

Anything other than the aforementioned occurrences is a sign of a larger and possibly dangerous electrical problem. The best you can do is to inspect your Porsche. The worse you can do on the other hand is to ignore the problem. The latter option can prove to be costly in the end mainly because A/C compressor problems are best fixed while still teething.

Loose Or Damaged Wires

Your Porsche’s wiring could be charred, discolored or ashy if your lights turn on and off rapidly each the A/C starts. It is easy to understand why and how this happens. Damaged or loose wires always result in current lose to light bulbs. Add this to the sudden voltage drop that occurs when the A/C turns on and it becomes easy to understand why the lights flicker temporarily or dim.  The best and the only way to fix the problem is to have your Porsche’s wiring inspected and fixed where necessary.

A Weak Capacitor

Your capacitor is more or less like a battery. It gives the compressor motor the extra bust of energy and power it needs to start. Over time though, capacitors lose their ability to store enough energy.  The A/C is therefore forced to drain more voltage from other car appliances so as to start the compressor motor. This cause lights to lose brightness temporarily. Note that if the lights lose up to 40% of their brightness, the compressor will have a difficult time starting.

Overloaded Circuits

You will hear a buzzing, crackling or sizzling sound each time the dimmed lights turn on. The lights can also flicker and eventually go off. Before long, the circuit breaker may trip. Like already mentioned the A/C compressor can be forced to drain voltage from other appliances. This should not happen because all major car appliances, including the A/C should have a dedicated circuit. If other appliances share the same circuit with the A/C, there will most likely be a circuit overload issue which will affect the A/C compressor’s performance.  The short-term solution is to unplug other appliances on the same circuit as the A/C so as to alleviate the load of that specific circuit. You should then have an expert fix the problem.