Why Won’t My Porsche Radio Turn Off?

You already know that car radios do not draw a lot of power. However, they can easily drain the battery overnight. The battery can actually die off in just a few hours if it is already on its final legs. This fact alone should make you worried if your Porsche radio suddenly refuses to turn off. Like you are about to find out though, the problem often calls for a simple solution. Read on to learn why the problem occurs in the first place and how you can fix it.

Why It Happens

It is hard to pinpoint with accuracy why the radio can suddenly stay on and refuse to go off. The most common reasons though, has everything to do with an improperly wired Porsche head unit. Other than the head unit, the problem could have something to do with the ignition switch, a wiring glitch or some other related component. It is also worth noting that there are Porsche models that feature extras designed to allow the stereo system to stay on for as much as ten minutes. So unless you open the door first, the radio will stay on.

Ignition Cylinder

You’ll most likely remove the ignition key while the switch is still stuck on the accessory or on position if you have worn out electrical cylinders. This means the radio will stay on. To fix this problem, replace the ignition cylinder with one that has an ignition lock cylinder. Then be sure to remove the key while the switch is still on position or in the accessory.


The head unit, as already mentioned could have been incorrectly wired. You’ll know this is the case once you notice that power keeps cutting out even in a newly installed head unit. In such cases, there is a high likelihood that the head unit is receiving less than 12 volts.

The Amplifier

You’ll have a problem with how the stereo works once the amplifier switches to protection mode. This can happen because of two reasons. The power produced by the alternator could be too much for the amplifier to handle so the amplifier tries to protect itself from damage. Another reason could be the amplifier does not get enough power from the battery. Note that this will not cause the stereo system to suddenly refuse working. It is in most cases, an aftermath of what happens where you ignore a stereo related problem for too long such as a system that either takes too long to switch off or one that just doesn’t switch off completely.

The Solution

Like already hinted, the most likely culprit where the radio acts up often has something to do with poor wiring. This means the problem, wherever it is, is something that calls for expert intervention though from the onset, it may look like something you can fix on your own. Resist the urge until you have an expert conduct thorough automotive diagnosis. This is important for one key reason. Once the stereo starts being erratic, you can be sure something somewhere is amiss especially with the wiring. It won’t take long before other electrical components fail especially if the fuses and the relays are already burnt out.