Why Should I Take Porsche Exhaust Repairs Seriously?

Your Porsche’s exhaust system usually doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Understandably so because Porsche exhaust systems are designed with precision and perfection in mind. They simply do not fail. But this does not mean you shouldn’t ever inspect the exhaust system for flaws that crop up overtime. Like you’ll later learn, well maintained Porsche models; the ones that hardly ever break down are those that are often serviced regularly. Servicing in this case does not mean something out of reach in terms of money or even time. Simply take your Porsche for inspection once every month. Then do not for whatever reason, put off repairs. Read on to learn more.

More Than Just A Muffler

There’s much more into your Porsche’s exhaust system than just the muffler. While the muffler plays a crucial role in keeping the car quiet, it is just but one part of a bigger collage. The whole exhaust system is designed to make sure exhaust fumes are kept at bay and out of the passenger area of the car. It is also designed to reduce emissions and help the engine run at optimum efficiency.

Exhaust systems sometimes corrode from the inside out mostly because of moisture that mixes with engine gases. This causes caustic corrosion which takes a toll on the system’s lifespan. Breaks in the system then happen on connections where heat from welding has significantly reduced the strong, corrosion resistant carbon inside the metal. Taking this into account, it becomes easy to understand why winters can be particularly hard on Porsche exhaust systems. Chemicals and salt used on the roads can easily collect on the car’s undercarriage. They can then corrode the metal and expedite rusting.


The last thing you want on your Porsche exhaust system is a leak of any kind. A minor leak may mean deadly and dangerous fumes get released into the car cabin. This can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning which is life-threatening not just to you but your passengers as well.  It doesn’t end there. For older Porsche models, the leak may mean your car is releasing harmful fumes to the environment. As such, it won’t pass the emissions test. So other than putting your health and that of your passenger at risk, you’ll also be brushing shoulders with not just the environment but also the law. The best you can do is to have the leak fixed as soon as you notice it.

Engine Efficiency

You already know that your car depends on the exhaust system to keep the engine running at peak level. A leak, however minor, means the engine will allow pressure to escape. This will without a doubt lead to car sputtering. It will also lead to a weak engine. In some cases, the engine may stall.

Another thing you will notice is that fuel efficiency will go downhill once your car has an exhaust system malfunction.  This will cost you more in terms of repair if you leave the problem as it is. Fix it as soon as you can. Then while at it, stick to Porsche approved car servicing and repair establishments.