Why Is Your Volvo A/C Compressor Failing?

A Volvo A/C compressor is no different from other car compressors out there. It is responsible in regulating the flow of refrigerant into the system so that it can cool the air that goes inside the cabin. It also pressurizes the A/C system so that it can continue to function as expected. With this, the compressor of the said ride can also have the same reasons behind why it fails when compared to compressors of other cars out there. Why is it failing? It can be because of the following reasons.

Lack of Regular System Flushing

Like any other part of the air conditioning system, the compressor, together with the AC hose, can also wear out. When this happens there can be some bits and pieces of these two components that mix with the oil that flows into the system. This piece can get into the compressor, thus causing it to stop working. This is why flushing the system is needed to get rid of all these bits and pieces. A residue left in the system will cause compressor failure, and when left unattended, can entail replacement of the unit.

Wrongly Charged Oil or Freon

You will notice that cars manufactured before 1990 have larger compressors than the ones made thereafter. Since compressors are smaller these days, then expect that they use less oil and refrigerant. This also made them more sensitive whenever inadequate amounts of oil or Freon are in them. With the wrong type of oil in the system, expect failure of the compressor especially in extremely hot conditions.

Add to that, you have to note that R134a systems are also more sensitive when compared to their phased-out R12 counterparts. Any overcharging made on the oil and the refrigerant will then start clogging the condenser as well as the expansion valve. This will then make the compressor starving for oil.

Compressors Not Running Regularly

A lot of people think that when compressors are not put into use, then the lesser their chances of failing later on. This is with the logic that keeping them from working will mean that they are protected from wear and tear. This thinking is wrong. The truth is that when compressors do not run regularly, they tend to be hungry for lubrication once you turn them on. This leads to excessive wear and can raise difficulties when making the oil reach the compressor. You should make sure that the A/C runs once a week at least for a few minutes.

Using Refrigerant Blends

It is always important to use the right refrigerant that suits your ride. You should never go for refrigerant alternatives or blends as this will even void the warranty of the system. These blends can also affect the O-rings and seals in the A/C system. This results in leaking, deterioration, and swelling.

Excessive Pressure

A/C units come with compressors that can malfunction due to defective motor windings caused by bad connections in the system. This eventually damages or locks up the compressor. Any loose connection on the condenser coil will also lead to low voltage and high resistance thus resulting in clutch slippage.