Why Is Your Porsche A/C Not Turning On?

A lot of car owners will basically want to learn how every part of their car works. They want to know how to have a quick fix to the engine that has suddenly stopped. They also want to make sure that the wheels are not running flat. Likewise, they want to acquire the skills when it comes to troubleshooting a Porsche A/C that is not turning on. In order to do that, it will be best to know why the A/C is not turning on.

Presence of Debris

When your car A/C does not turn on even after you have switched the knob then the next thing you will do is try another time to see what happens next. If it still does not work, you should check on the front grill and the bumper as well. From there, you can check if there is debris that has been hindering the airflow under the hood. This can be the main reason why the A/C is not working properly. Any obstruction to the air flow must be inspected, removed and re-installed before turning on the A/C once more and see if it works.

Loose Belt

One of the main reasons behind why the Porsche A/C may not be turning on is because of a loose belt or a missing part on the belt. You can inspect the belt right before you proceed to inspect the A/C system itself. The belt is found around the A/C compressor. In case you notice any problems with the belt then you must have it fixed in no time.

Faulty Compressor

There are some cases when it will be hard to find an obvious issue that causes difficulty when turning on the A/C. In times like this, it will be good to proceed to check on the compressor to find out if it is still working. You can turn on the engine with the hood open. From there, turn on the A/C to find out if there is an unusual sound in the compressor. If there is no sound then it means a fuse may have been burnt out or disconnected. This could also indicate that the wiring in the compressor has already worn out. This can then signify the need to replace the compressor in case it is already irreparable.

Fan is Not Working

You will know that the fan in your car is running once a noise is produced after switching the A/C. This is a problem that has to be attended to right away before the fan dies. Replacing the faulty fan will make sure that the problem with turning on the A/C will be solved.

Low Freon Levels

Another reason that can cause a problem when turning on the A/C is the lack of Freon or refrigerant. There is a certain amount recommended to make sure that the Freon works as expected. If you find out that the Freon in your car is low, you can refill the Freon to comply with standard requirements. You can also recharge the A/C. Check for Freon leaks when refilling or recharging the car's system.