Why Is Your Porsche A/C Blowing Hot Air?

A car that is left under the extreme heat of the sun for the whole day will tend to blow off the hot air once the A/C is turned on. After quite some time, however, when the car has warmed up, hot air will turn into cooler air. It is understandable that the energy coming from the sun can lead to that amount of heat. The heat gets trapped inside the car and it is as if there is no way that warm air can escape from it. There are instances though that your Porsche A/C may blow hot air even after a while that you have turned it on. Why is that so?

The Orifice Tube May be Clogged

The orifice tube can be located between the condenser that sits in the car's radiator and that of the evaporator that can be found in the passenger compartment. When the A/C is blowing hot air, it can be assigned that something is obstructing the tube. This will mean that the refrigerant will not make its way to the system thus the cool air cannot circulate inside the car.

Something is Wrong with the Compressor

Known as the heart of the A/C system, the compressor breathes life into the car. This means that the compressor is integral in making sure that cold air flows into the car. They are tasked to pressurize the refrigerant and pump the same through the system components. When the compressor fails, it is either it needs repair or replacement. How do you know the compressor has gone bad? There is a loud noise that you will hear when engaging the car's A/C.

The Refrigerant is Leaking

The principle with which an air conditioning system runs is the same regardless of whether you installed one in your home, or in your auto. They all depend on utilizing a refrigerant. When your car has low levels of refrigerant, then the next thing you might want to do is replenish what has been lost. But of course, it also pays to check if there is a leak in your car's A/C. The leak will signify that you will not be able to refill the evaporator with what has been lost and even if you do, the replenished refrigerant will not work or last at all.

In order to solve this problem, you will need to talk with a professional to find out what your options are so that you can easily deal with the link. Doing so will allow you to save your car from all other hassles later on. Make sure that these leak issues will be repaired at once or else it will not be able to prevent moisture from being trapped into the system. Neglecting the problem can result to corrosion or a buildup of acid sludge which can compromise the functioning of the evaporator, condenser, orifice tube, and compressor.

Solutions to the Problem

Replacing lost refrigerant gas will be a good place to start provided that there are no leaks on the system. On top of this option, however, it will be best to have the A/C system recharged to turn hot air into cool air.