Why Is My Porsche Exhaust Unusually Loud?

Porsche is by all means a brand associated with not just class, but luxury perfection, peak performance and of course, elegance. So when your Porsche exhaust suddenly becomes unusually loud, you know for sure there’s something wrong. You have all the reasons to worry because more often than not, exhaust noise always signifies engine trouble. Fortunately, you can always avert any serious engine or exhaust related problem by first finding the source or cause of the noise and fixing it before it worsens. Here’s why your Porsche exhaust is suddenly loud and what you can and should do to fix the problem.

The Catalytic Converter

It is one of the most delicate exhaust system parts. That explains why you’ll immediately notice a loud sound accompanied by altered performance anytime the catalytic converter malfunctions. An intact but faulty or failing catalytic converter will sound like someone vigorously shaking a box of pebbles and rocks even when your vehicle is parked, idling or stopped in traffic. The best you can do here is to schedule an appointment with a Porsche licensed muffler shop as soon as you can.

Exhaust Leak

Have your exhaust system checked by a Porsche expert anytime you notice intermittent vibration while driving or loss of power. You might hear rumbling sounds depending on the size of the affected area. This is often caused by a hole, a disconnected exhaust system component or an exhaust leak. Keep in mind though that all these faults may also signify that the engine no longer runs as it should.

Leak In The Exhaust Manifold

The Porsche Exhaust Manifold is designed to collect exhaust gasses from the engine. As such, it is an integral part of both the exhaust and the engine. These two performance parts simply rely on it to function. If there huge leak or even a minor one in the exhaust manifold, expect the engine to suddenly run louder, run unevenly and even sputter. It will also trigger the dreadful Check Engine light. Always note that a leaking or cracked exhaust manifold can create costly and bigger problems mainly because of the hot gases that escape through the leak or crack. It won’t be long before the nearly plastic components and malfunction. Note too that leaking exhaust fumes can easily find their way into your Porsche cabin.

Worn Out Gaskets And Seals

The exhaust system has several gaskets and seals. With time, they fail mostly because of wear and tear. This causes the engine to run louder and in some cases, sputter. This should not worry you as more often than not, all you need to do is replace the worn out gaskets and seals.

Faulty Oxygen Sensors

The Porsche oxygen sensor has one main function - to measure how lean or how rich the exhaust gases are as they exit the combustion chamber. But it does not there. The computerized Porsche system uses this data to adjust the amount of fuel that gets pumped into the engine. So anytime the sensor is dirty or it fails, the computerized system collects inaccurate data. This leads to either too little or too much fuel getting into the engine. This always results into a rough running engine as well as the exhaust that become louder than normal.