Why Is It Important To Change Your Porsche Brake Pads?

Imagine driving at 120kph then suddenly realizing your car can’t stop. The brakes are faulty. Chances are, you will wreck the car and in the process, get hurt. It will then dawn on you how and why it is important to always ensure you have perfectly working brake pads before hitting the road. The number one reason is of course, safety. Over and beyond safety though lie other reasons all of which stand out as important. To fully appreciate the reasons however, it is first important to understand how brake pads work and the options one has when buying them. That’s because deciding on a brake pad especially if you are buying a set for the first time can be difficult. These are the options you have.

  • Metallic pads – They are the most common pads for a number of reasons. They feature a unique blend of different materials which make the affordable and durable. Metallic brake pads are not ideal for all vehicles though. They are designed for small vehicles that do not experience aggressive driving.
  • Ceramic pads – Most high end vehicles with high speeds use ceramic pads. That’s because they are designed for high performance speed vehicles. Sports vehicles and other high end models like Porsche models use ceramic pads. Compared to other types of brake pads, ceramic pads stand out as the most expensive.
  • Organic pads – They are made of organic materials such as glass, rubber and resin. The most preferred material before rubber, resin and glass was asbestos. This is no longer the case as asbestos is highly carcinogenic. That fact aside, organic pads are lightweight and durable. They also produce less noise compared to metallic pads.

Choosing The Right Pad

There are so many factors that usually determine the most appropriate Porsche brake pads one should go for. Your car model and make, your driving habits and even the weather conditions where you live are all examples of factors that should help you settle on the right brake pad.

 Light Compact Cars

Organic compound brake pads come in handy. They guarantee enough stopping power and hardly make noise. What’s more, they are affordable. Be sure to have your organic brake pads changed anytime you notice dust build up or the thickness reduces.

Mid-Size Cars

They always call for low metallic brake pads for obvious reasons. The metal in pads will provide better stopping power. This is not the case though when it comes to sports cars.  Any car that can easily accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within seconds will need to go from 60 to 0 mph just as fast. That is where Porsche comes in. That is where the semi metallic or ceramic brake pad also comes into the picture. They may be expensive, but they hardly ever disappoint.

The general rule when it comes to brake pads is simple. The more braking power one needs, the more metal content one should go for as far as the brake pad is concerned. They may be noisy, but when it comes to safety, they always deliver. The same thing can be said about ceramic brake pads, only that they are expensive.