Why Does Your Volvo Get A Flat Tyre All The Time?

You will at one point or another have a flat tyre. It doesn’t matter what you do or how you drive. Flat tyres just happen. You should be worried though if the problem keeps on recurring over and over again. The recurring problem simply means there is an underlying problem. It could be the rim or the valves. The only way to find out is to have all tyres inspected by an expert. Keep in mind that a flat tyre is a safety hazard.  A flat tyre or a poor inflated one can also have a direct impact on your Volvo’s performance. So why exactly do you wake up to a flat tyre almost every day? What could the problem?

Alloy Wheel Leaks

Allow wheels look sleek. Spice them up with a nice rim and you have Volvo magnificence look at you. Unfortunately, alloy wheels are susceptible to bead leaks. The leak occurs when water slowly infiltrates the wheel. It then sits where the rim and the tyre meet. This area is what is referred to as the bead seal area. The metal begins to gradually corrode as air leak is created.  This shouldn’t worry you at all as the problem is easy to fix. Start by removing the wheel from your car. Remove excess air left in the tyre to expose the affected seal area. Make sure you find the affected seal area on both the rim and the tyre. You don’t have to remove the tyre from the rim to do this.

Remove all corroded parts of the rim. You can do this by running a buffing wheel designed for removing any form of corrosion along the bead seal. The buffing wheel polishes the rim and gives it a smooth surface. Gently wipe the area that the tyre and the rim come in contact. Be sure to use the right solvent ideal for rubber to wipe this area. The objective here is to clean dust and dirt off the tyre so as to create a better seal once the tyre is inflated. Apply a thin layer of tyre glue using a cotton swab or the tip of your finger. This will prevent future corrosion by inhibiting moisture from penetrating the rim again. Once you’re done, inflate the tyre and remount in on your car.

Poor Alignment

Be keen anytime your tyres suddenly pop a curb or rub the wheel sharply against a sidewalk as you try to park. One tire or two on one side will most likely slip slightly from the rim and cause slow loss of air. You will inflate the tire but it will keep on losing air. Unknown to many car owners, this too is usually a sign of poor wheel alignment.  Wrong suspension components may have been attached to your car.  An accident you were involved with recently could have also distorted the frame of your car.  You could have also hit a bat pump from an elevation that was too steep.  There is only one solution here. Take your car for realignment.

Other Causes

A flat tyre can be caused by so many things. The list of causes is way too long. Keep in mind though that other factors like use of poor quality tyres and rims can cause frequent punctures. That said and done, stick to high quality tyres and rims.