Why Does Your Porsche A/C Compressor Start And Stop Intermittently?

Your car's air conditioning system will provide that much-needed comfort when you have been through a very hot day. Without it, you will feel so frustrated. But what if you suddenly notice that your Porsche A/C compressor stops and starts intermittently? There are common problems related to your Porsche A/C system which has been causing this to happen. Let us enumerate some of them.

System Malfunction

Take note that the A/C system has a lot of parts aside from the A/C compressor. Among these parts are the expansion valve, blowers or fans, condenser, and evaporator. When any of these components fail to deliver their functions, except that the A/C system will malfunction as well. You will notice that there are days when it will blow cool air but there are other days when it will blow warm or no air at all.

Most luxury cars are basically gifted with safety mechanisms that actually help in preventing your air conditioning system from engaging in cases when there is refrigerant or oil leak. It has to be noted that leak can result from physical damage, loose connections, road debris, undone welds, and corrosion as well. When you have noticed that the A/C system has problems with blowing off cold air as needed, you will need to seek the help of a technician who can perform a serious diagnosis to establish the root cause of the problem.

Warm Air Coming Out from the A/C

One of the things you will notice when you turn on your car's A/C system is there is some warm air coming out of it. This is a normal happening for the first few minutes of running the A/C especially when it is hot outside. After some time, the air turns cold and becomes refreshing to the driver and passengers alike.

What is unusual though is to notice that warm air continues to circulate in the car even when you are already expecting the air to cool the cabin. This problem shows that something is wrong with the compressor's condenser. The condenser is expected to push warm air through the coils found in the fan and eventually cools the refrigerant. Once the fan in the condenser fails, take that as a sign that the coil is clogged with dirt.

Cold Air Blows Intermittently

Were there ever times when you take long trips and you notice that after a few minutes of blowing cold air, the A/C system suddenly blows warm air then stops all of a sudden? A few minutes after, it begins working as usual as if nothing happened. This problem is a common complaint of many drivers and it is so sad that it is hard to identify what actually causes the problem.

The reason behind why this happens can be attributed to the fact that some of the A/C components freeze up. If you will make a quick check, you will notice that the evaporator in the condenser has been covered with ice. Once that ice has melted, it begins to cool the system and the cabin once more. You can solve this problem by paying attention to the filter. Make sure that the air filter is not dirty or clogged.