Why Does The Porsche Brand Say They Do Not Have Grilles On Their Cars?

You may think that your Porsche has a grille on the front. After all, it has a gleaming, silver grille-like structure adorning it, but you would be wrong. The Porsche brand says these are air intakes and not grilles. So, is there such a thing as Porsche grilles, or are we all deluded? What’s the difference anyway between an air intake and a grille?

Air Intakes v Grilles

There has been much debate about this issue, and it is set to continue. However, to find out whether you have a grille or an air intake we need to look at the definition of both. A grill is a kind of metal mesh that forms a barrier or screen at the front of the car between the inner of the car and the exterior. It can be ornamental. Some modern cars have two grilles, and this is where the debate lies. To get to the bottom of it we need to have a definition of both a grille and an air intake.

  • Grilles: These are a kind of grate that forms a barrier between your engine and the outside. They are usually at the front end of a car and they can be ornamental as well as practical. Generally modern cars have two grilles; an upper grille and a lower grille
  • Air intakes: Porsche maintain that a grille is only on the upper part, whereas the lower part is the air intake

Clear As Mud

So, just in case you don’t think that is clear enough here is some more information to muddy the waters. Michael Mauer, head of design for Porsche, says that Porsche cars only have air intakes. He bases this on the fact that the car only has one section at the front of the car. If there is only one section on the front of the car it is automatically considered to be the lower section, ergo it is an air intake.

Why Is It So Unclear?

Well, it isn’t really. In the beginning, the engine for a Porsche was in the back of the car, which means no need for any kind of grille at the front to cover an opening – because there wasn’t one to cover! This means it was never really considered in the design features by Porsche. However, as they started to manufacture cars with the engines in the front. 

So, Is It A Grille Or An Air Intake?

Porsche are clear that it is an air intake, but if you go by the definition of what a grille actually is, then it is a grille. It does not matter if it is upper, lower, middle, left, right, center or backwards; it is a grille.

Flair For Design

Whatever you choose to call it – and, by the way, it’s a grille, you can be sure that it will need replacing at some point as it starts to lose its color, or rusts. In order to keep your Porsche looking its best, you should obtain a quality replacement from a reputable manufactured dealing in Porsche replacement components. This will not only keep the beauty of your car but will also continue to protect your engine, allowing it to run smoother for longer.