Why Does My Porsche Whine When I Accelerate?

Your Porsche should silently cruise and pick up speed when accelerating, without making noise. While this should always be the case, there instances where it suddenly becomes noisy. The car then whines each time you accelerate. This makes you cringe every time you ignite the car because the noise makes you and your passengers uncomfortable. It also makes your neighbors complain. Over and beyond the obvious nuisance, the cringing noise is without a doubt a red flag that something’s wrong with the engine or the gear box. Read on to learn more.

The Wear And Tear Factor

Many car components wear out and eventually show signs of wear and tear. This is normal for components that are subjected to heat and friction. So in most cases, the noises you hear as you accelerate have something to do with either wear and tear or poor lubrication. The only way to fix such issues is by lubricating worn out parts or replacing old components with new ones.

The Transmission

Low fluid levels in the transmission can cause a myriad of problems. Bizarre noises top the list, with the whining sound being the most common. The solution here may be as simple as refilling the fluid, but note that by the time you hear the whining sound, other components may have been affected. Your best bet is to therefore have an expert examine the whole transmission to ascertain the extent of the damage.

Note that the problem could also be with gears and bearings. This is especially the case where the noise does not begin until the Porsche is in motion. Planetary gear sets tend to create a high pitched whining sound when they wear out. This happens only when the vehicle is moving.

Faulty Steering

You’ll only hear the sound when turning the vehicle. In such cases, then the only problem is with the steering wheel. It could be a faulty steering wheel column or a loose steering belt. Tightening the belt will easily solve the problem.

Power Steering Problems

Leaks in power steering systems always end up with whining noises. Fortunately, the said leaks are usually preceded by drips under the car. They can also be preceded by a visible or significant drop of steering fluid. Examine the gear, the pump or the steering rack because they are main places where leaks start from as. Add a liquid stop leak solution directly into the reservoir or fixed the damaged parts. You can also refill the fluid so as to fix the problem.

Engine Problems

Always note that the Porsche engine is a complex mechanism. As such, take the car to a mechanic each time you suspect the engine has a problem. The same case applies to other vital systems such as the clutch. It is worth noting though that whining noises often have something to do with the clutch and the engine as already hinted. Shift the Porsche gear into a neutral mode then gently crank the engine. If the whining noise has a problem with the engine speed, then the engine is certainly in trouble.