Why Does My Porsche Radio Keep Going On And Off?

It may sound like something you can ignore at first. With time though, it’ll become annoying until you cannot ignore it. By then, the minor glitch that caused the radio to malfunction in the first place will have evolved into another bigger problem or it may have affected another component that worked fine before. All these explain why fixing electrical glitches as soon as you notice them plays a key role in ensuring you always drive a car in good condition. Read on to learn what causes erratic Porsche radio malfunction.


There are two main reasons why car stereo systems malfunction. It could be something to do with the amp or wiring. Either way, the radio will still stop working. Note that in cases where the amp is the problem, the internal head unit also gets affected. As a matter of fact, the problem usually starts at the head unit before it affects the amp. The problem could also be something minor as lose or broken speaker wires. Your best bet is to therefore have the whole electrical system inspected to ascertain where exactly the problem is.

Power Issues

No Porsche electrical device can function without power. This means there’s probably inadequate power supply to the stereo system anytime you notice it fails. To be sure this is the problem, all the other devices will work just fine. The stereo on the other hand will work intermittently. Be keen on the display. It’ll shut off exactly the same time the music cuts out. This is a clear sign that the system is losing power as fast as it gets it. The head unit may have failed here. There’s also a high likelihood that a crimp or a break in the speaker wiring where the speaker passes into either doors may have occurred. All these shouldn’t worry you. The solution is in most cases, fixing the faulty wires.

Fuses And Relays

Fuses and relays always go an extra mile to save your car and all the other electrical components from blowing up. That is, the fuse or the relay responsible for transmitting power to the stereo system will blow up anytime it gets overwhelmed with excess voltage. Note that when this happen, the stereo won’t completely work until you replace the blown up fuses or relays. You’ll have to find the affected fuse or relay and replace it. The fuse box, which houses fuses and relays is usually located below the glove compartment in most Porsche models. Find the specific fuse, replace it and you’re good to go.

Other Causes

There so many other causes why Porsche stereo systems sometimes fail. For instance, the battery may have been drained of energy or the stereo system may have been externally tampered with. The latter scenario happens mostly where children and pets are involved. Either way, have a Porsche stereo expert on your speed dial. Then like any Porsche expert will tell you, take your car for scheduled and regular maintenance to avoid electrical malfunctions that strike when you least expect.