Why Does My Porsche Battery Drain All The Time?

Nothing is as frustrating as waking up to a car that won’t start because you forgot your headlights or the stereo on, so the battery is dead. There isn’t much you can do if you do not have jump start cables or an extra cable. It so happens though that sometimes, the battery drains overnight not because you left the battery or the headlight on but because of something else you’re not aware of. You’ll easily notice there’s a problem because even after turning off all the electrical components such as the headlights and the stereo system, the battery will still be too weak to start the car in the morning. Read on to learn why this happens sometimes.

Defective Alternators

It is easy to see the link between a battery that keeps on dying off and a faulty alternator. Alternators supply electrical power to all primary systems. They do this by converting engine power to electricity. The energy generated is then used to recharge the 12v battery. This ensures that the battery is strong enough to start the car without struggling. Problem steps in when the alternator fails to charge the car battery. Instead of converting the engine power to electricity, it starts draining the battery. It drains it over and over as you try to start the car until it eventually fails. You’re therefore left with no choice but to jumpstart the car. Some of the most common signs of a defective alternator include flickering headlights and strange noise each time you ignite the car.

Old, Worn Out Batteries

Car batteries do not last forever. As a matter of fact, many car batteries last for as much as 5 years. You may not have noticed this is the problem especially if you bought a second hand car. With age, plate corrosion, buckling of lead acid plates and even loss of water become inevitable. All these will certainly have a negative impact on the battery’s performance. There is no other solution here other than replacing the battery with a new one. Be certain though that the battery’s age is the problem before replacing it. To be certain, remove the battery then take it to a Porsche auto parts store. They’ll test it for you and recommend a better one.


Installation is everything when it comes to detachable car components. Proper installation means there are no loose battery cables. It also means the battery sits well in its compartments with the negative and positive terminals intact. If the leads, which are the electrical wires that connect the battery to the car are not installed correctly and tightened, they’ll shake loose especially if you frequently drive on rough terrains. To avoid this, make sure the battery leads are tightened well with a wrench.

Corrosion can also lead to battery drain. Fortunately in this case you will first notice some red flags. Blue, fuzzy build up around the battery terminals is a clear sign corrosion is already taking place. Clean it off to see if the vehicle starts without a problem.