Why Do You Need The Volvo Steering Column?

A Volvo steering column is just one part of the car's steering system. It is, nonetheless, an essential one. Let's take a closer look at the steering column on your Volvo.


Your Volvo steering column is specially designed. In the case of a front-end collision, impact (force) is absorbed by the steering column. The serious threat to a driver's life was somewhat eliminated by the invention of a collapsible steering column. Drivers were often severely injured by the steering column before this innovation.

The Volvo design also utilizes a highly efficient airbag mechanism which is housed in the steering column. Volvos save lives on the road. They are, in fact, one of the automotive market’s safest cars. But in order for your Volvo to continue to operate safely, you must take care all of its safety features. This means preventative maintenance and servicing when needed.


Performance is a hot topic when it comes to a luxury performance vehicle such as a Volvo. But well-designed safety features and luxurious interiors aren't Volvo’s only claim to fame. Worldwide, they are recognized for outstanding performance. If, however, the steering column is malfunctioning or damaged, the steering system and mechanism can be compromised, and you will feel the effects. Performance capacity will be severely lessened.

That's a real problem when you invest in a luxury performance car. Once you've experienced the reliability and performance of a Volvo, you come to rely on it. But don't worry. Ongoing maintenance and routine inspections will help to maintain the performance of your Volvo and the condition of your steering column.

Signs of Trouble

How do you know if there's a potential problem with your steering column? The performance referred to above will suffer if your steering column is failing or malfunctioning. You may also notice a clicking or grinding as you manipulate the steering wheel. These are pretty good signs that something is amiss where the Volvo steering column is concerned.

You may also notice ill-functioning or rough steering ability. This could point to the need for repairs. Anytime you feel like you're experiencing odd behavior from your steering wheel, do not hesitate to get the problem diagnosed. One other sign of trouble could be that, after completing a turn, the wheel does not return to its center position. This also calls for an inspection.

Common Issues

What are some issues that are commonly experienced when it comes to the Volvo steering column? First of all, the steering system of any car is going to have problems eventually. As with most things, parts can, over time, become worn out or damaged.

Then again, sometimes parts just stop functioning, particularly if preventative maintenance and proper care have not been practiced. There are a lot of intricate parts making up your Volvo steering column. In order for your steering system to function properly, they must all work together perfectly.

It is not uncommon, due to the buildup of dirt, dust, or debris, for gaskets, gears, and bearings to wear out.

Anytime you notice something out of the ordinary with your steering, it's a good idea to get your suspension and steering system checked out by a professional. Of course, parts are available for the experienced do-it-yourselfer or mechanic.