Why Do We Need Volvo Spoilers?

Spoilers can make a car look cool and fast. But when drivers see a sports car with a spoiler, many may disregard it as just aesthetics and decide it adds nothing special to the vehicle. But does your car need Volvo spoilers? Does it add any real benefits?

The answer to that question is: absolutely yes. While spoilers can give a car a “cool” and sporty look, they also do many positive things for it. Read on to learn more about spoilers and why they’re so important to a car’s drivability.

Spoilers Significantly Increase Traction

Spoilers are automotive aerodynamic devices whose design function is to “spoil” unfavorable air movement, usually called drag or turbulence. But even more than just looking amazing, the foremost purpose of Volvo spoilers placed on the back of a car is to improve driving stability and allow the car to grip the road. When a sports car is traveling at a high rate of speed and really cruising along, it can experience a small amount of lift, meaning it feels as if the tires are rising off the highway. A spoiler improves the downforce by catching the airflow and holding the back end of the car tightly on the road.

Spoilers Boost Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that the fascia and dams attached to the front of the car are also forms of Volvo spoilers? These spoilers are sometimes called air dams and improve airflow, directing the head-on wind over, around, and under the vehicle’s hood. This improved airflow allows the car to propel itself forward while expending less energy. This results in less fuel consumption and better efficiency.

Spoilers Reduce the Weight of a Vehicle

If a carmaker adds another component to a vehicle, can it really reduce its weight? Not exactly, no. However, automakers can use many more parts that don’t weigh as much because front spoilers reduce drag and rear Volvo spoilers improve downforce to such a great degree. They can replace some heavier metal parts with lightweight plastic, so the vehicle’s weight is reduced overall, but indirectly.

Spoilers Make a Car More Visible

In the 1970s, spoilers become more widespread on sports cars for the general public. Leading the way was the Porsche 911 and the Volvo P1800. However, spoilers were added not just because they looked so modern. Volvo spoilers were added to the rear of the vehicle to allow cars approaching from behind to better see the car ahead of them and for more visibility of the rear of the vehicle. This makes perfect sense due to the small proportions of these sports cars. The added visibility certainly helped, especially for spoilers that had brake lights built into them.

Volvo cars have stressed their reputation for reliability and being solidly built for many years. They have been at the forefront of safety regulations and engineering. They were the first to install three-point seat belts and side airbags, years before other auto manufacturers.

And you always thought that Volvo spoilers were just something to make you look like a famous rock star.