Why Do Porsche Windshield Wipers Squeak?

Porsche windshield wipers, like other windshield wipers, are made to help you have a clearer view while driving down the road on a snowy or rainy day. It helps to remove the debris, dirt, and grime that go into the windshield. There are several problems that you will encounter though while using such wipers, the most common of which is when they produce a squeaking sound that can be very irritating to the ear and disturbing to the driver. Learn why wipers squeak to find a solution to the problem.


Contamination can be a problem encountered not just by the windshield but the wiper as well. This happens when too much dust or road debris gets in contact with the wipers or the windshield and you have not cleaned them. Cleaning your wiper blade as well as your window glass will help. You can use a rag dipped in vinegar or buy a commercial cleaner specifically made for this purpose. Run your windshield washer to clean the windows after.

You may find the process easy but you have to take note that cleaning should not be done only as you wish. It has to be done promptly to prevent dust, pebbles, and sand from scratching through the windows. Replacing Porsche windshield wiper blades may be required if it has long been in contact with these contaminants.

Problems with Installation

Installing windshield wipers must be done carefully. Take note that new wiper blades can be easily bought from an auto parts shop. When you decide to replace the old one with what you have bought then you have to make it a point that you really know what you are doing. You have to take note that wiper assemblies vary from one type to another and can be complex at some point. Have the installation done by a professional if you are not quite sure about how you can do it.

Old and Worn-out Rubber Blades

Many people will tend to neglect to replace their wiper blades unless they see any problem with how they function. What makes this more problematic is when the squeaks will suddenly cause some dent on the windshield. Some manufacturers say wiper blades must be replaced yearly, others say every six months. The truth is replacing blades will depend upon certain conditions.

Take note that wiper blades do not cost that much as much as it will cost you if you damage the windshield with the refusal of replacing the blades. Replacing them will also work for your safety down the road. You will need to change the blades as per schedule unless you see some problems before the timeframe suggested.

Buying windshield wipers or blades beforehand and storing them so that you can use them later on when they need replacement may be a good idea. However, you have to take note that these replacements, when stored for a long time, may already compromise their respective functions. Get rid of the squeak by ensuring you install new blades or wipers right when you bought them.