Why Do Porsche Front Wheel Bearings Fail?

Wheel bearings are important in helping the wheels rotate smoothly within your desired speed. There are times that these bearings can encounter some problems along the way and such issues may compromise your safety before you know it. If you happen to be concerned with the reasons behind why Porsche front wheel bearings fail and what you can do about it, consider the following facts.

Causes for Wheel Bearing Failure

Manufacturers typically seal and lubricate wheel bearings during the process of manufacturing such parts. Whenever petroleum-based lubricants are considered in their manufacture, expect that wheel bearings will generate pressure once they get agitated. Take note that engineers made it a point that wheel bearing seals have been made to allow any type of pressure to escape. But these seals do not really work well with water.

When you drive on a flooded street, you can expect water and moisture to enter the bearing. This process will emulsify the lubricant applied on the wheel bearing thus leading to failure later on. When water is high enough to reach the wheel's lower edge then you can expect damage to the bearings. When this problem arises then the only thing you can do is replace the bearings immediately.

Wheels and Wheel Bearings

Any force that is exerted on the wheel will always pass through that of the vehicle's wheel bearing. Every time you need to hit a curb and you feel there is a sharp impact on the wheel, expect the wheel bearing to become damaged as well. Small dimples or imperfections can be created by that pressure and each time bearings are forced to roll over damaged road surfaces, it becomes prone to wear and tear. As they wear out, the lubricant in the bearing becomes contaminated thus hastening failure on the bearings. What becomes more alarming is the fact that symptoms show up several months after the impact. If you are lucky enough, you can spot signs quickly.

Mistakes with Mounting Tires

Sometimes, it is not just water or tough roads that cause problems with front wheel bearings. It can also be because of an improperly mounted tire. You must make it a point that your wheels are properly installed, mounted, and balanced before leaving a service center. Otherwise, you may suffer the cost of repair later.

What Happens After an Impact?

Whenever you have to hit the road hard, expect that damage to the bearings become more complicated. When worse turns to worst, the car's suspension can also be damaged. Premature bearing failure is also one of the causes of out of round tires. The cost of repair can be too much of a burden not just on your time and effort but also on your pocket as well. Buying Porsche OEM tires can be a solution to this costly problem.

It is also important to diagnose damaged components right away. Everything from steering knuckles to rollers can be destroyed during instances where there can be a hard impact on the wheel. Specialists can help diagnose the problem for you.