Why Do My Porsche Headlights Refuse To Turn Off?

Your Porsche headlights should turn on and off when you need them to. This sounds like something you are used to because Porsche models feature headlights that never seem to malfunction. Do not forget though that the headlights are electrical components pretty much like the stereo. This means that sometimes, they can develop hitches. For instance, the headlights can suddenly refuse to go off. This will most likely drain your car battery. Before looking for a quick fix solution, it is important to first figure out why the headlights refuse to go off in the first place. Read on to learn more.

The Causes

The main cause can be hard to determine solely because there are so many types of Porsche headlight systems. For instance, some models are designed so that as soon as the engine is shut off with the headlights still on, the lights will remain on for quite some time. If you have any Porsche model with such a system, then the most likely culprit could be a failed system. The best you can do would be to first shut the headlights off before turning the engine on again.

Other models have daytime running headlights. The system here is essentially one that turns the headlights automatically without affecting dashboard lights during the day. If the system fails, the headlights will be left on until the battery is completely drained.  In that case, set the parking brake just to see if the headlights turn off. Setting the parking brake disables immediately disables Porsche running lights. If this happens, then replacing or removing the daytime running light module can easily fix the problem.

A Bad Headlight Relay

This too, could be the reason why your headlights stay on. The only solution here is to replace the relay with a new one. Before then though, find out what caused the relay to burn out. Find out too if all the fuses are intact. Burnt out relay and fuses are in most cases, a sure sign that there is a current overload somewhere. Relays and fuses come in to prevent the current overload from damaging other key components.

You may come across relays in your car with the same part number as the headlight relay. This can be confusing at first. Just remove the headlight relay and swap it for the identical one which should be from a different circuit. This should make the headlights turn off normally. Replace the relay with a new one where the headlights still refuse to go off even after swapping the relays.

Point To Note

You may have a hard time fixing any headlight associated problem on your own. This is especially the case with modern Porsche models that feature computerized systems. In that case, your best bet is to have your inspected. With thorough car diagnostics, other teething problems you may not have been aware off can be easily discovered and fixed on time. Then be sure to always disconnect your car battery in the evening anytime the headlights refuse to go off. This will prevent draining and discharge which will make it hard for you to start the car.