Why Did My Porsche Interior Lights Suddenly Malfunction?

Map lights, dashboard lights and even the engine check light all form part of your Porsche interior lights. They make it easy for you to drive. They also exude the elegance that Porsche is known for across the globe. Though rare, they sometimes malfunction. They can suddenly go off at once or they may gradually go off starting with the dashboard lights before the indicator and the map lights follow suit. Here’s why this happens sometimes and what you should do about it.

Refer To Your Porsche Manual

Depending on your Porsche make and model, all interior lights may be on one circuit. This is especially the case with old Porsche models. Modern ones feature several circuits. It is also important to note that one interior light can be controlled by several multiple switches. This means at any given time, there could be several potential reasons why the interior lights may fail. For instance, the dome light can have a manual light switch even though it can be easily switched on and off. It can also be dimmed by a knob or switch on the dashboard. You won’t know all these unless you refer to the manual.

Examine The Dimmer Switch

You’ll notice that in most cases, the dimmer switch or the dome light are the main culprits behind your car interior lighting troubles. Depending on how your Porsche interior lights are wired as well as the types of light switches you have, you may need to adjust and push different button combinations to get the lights on again. Generally, you’ll have to rotate the dimmer if your car has one and try it in different three or four times in different positions. Note that sometimes, rotating the dimmer in one direction all the way will force it to click. This may indicate off or on position.  With the dash mounted interior light button or the dimmer in different positions, try operating the map light, the dome light or any other interior light with their respective switches.


The fuse is perhaps the simple most important component as far as car lighting is concerned. This is strange, given it size. It is easy to know whether your interior lights have malfunctioned as a result of a blown out fuse. When all interior lights suddenly stop working at the same time but other electrical components like the radio still work, then there is a high likelihood that the fuse has a problem. Fortunately, the problem is easy to fix.

First locate the fuse. Depending on how your Porsche is set up, the fuse box could be located near the glove compartment right under the dashboard. Some models come complete with as much as three or even more fuse boxes, so you may have to refer to your car manual.

The specific fuse you’ll be looking for will the ‘lights fuse’. This can differ from one model to another, but they all serve the same purpose. They break the circuit anytime they’re overwhelmed with current. Check on all the fuses labeled lights then replace them.