Why Can’t My Porsche Reverse?

There is no doubt at all that your Porsche’s transmission is one of its most important features. Without it, you cannot operate the car. It is simply a system that makes everything possible with the help of the engine. Sometimes though, with all the precision and perfection that Porsche transmission models are known for, glitches and hitches crop up. The reverse gear for instance, refuses to work. Now this is interesting because the reverse gear is perhaps one of the most overlooked gears. Many car owners simply take it for granted. So when it suddenly snaps and the car cannot reverse, fear and desperation kick in. Here’s why it happens.

Low Transmission Fluid

This happens to both manual and automatic Porsche models. Low transmission fluid can easily cause a myriad of problems with gears such as shifting problems, gear slippage and even overheating. Speaking of overheating, there is a high likelihood that your Porsche’s reverse hear may have been affected by transmission overheating as a result of inadequate fluid to lubricate and keep internal gear components cool. Top up the fluid if it’s low.

Transmission Position Sensor Problem

Each time you shift the automatic transmission into reverse mode using the shift lever, the electronic sensor quickly tells the powertrain control module that transmission has shifted to reverse. The sensor fails sometimes. This means the car won’t just reverse no matter how hard you try. Fortunately in modern Porsche models, the check engine light will turn on as soon as the car picks up this problem. In other words, it will not catch you by surprise. The best way to fix it is through a through car diagnostic to ascertain its cause.

Worn Out Valve Body

This affects automatic models, so you do not have to worry if you drive a manual model.  All automatic transmission Porsche models have a valve body. It is a large, conspicuous maze like components designed to direct hydraulic flow to valves. It allows the car to easily and smoothly shift gears. Poor or delayed shifting stands out as one of the main symptoms of a faulty valve body. That’s not the only symptom though. Sometimes the car wont reverse at all because of a worn out valve body.

Faulty Shifter

Consider taking your Porsche for thorough servicing anytime you use a lot of effort to force the shifter into reverse. You may also feel like something is stuck or something is blocking it from quickly moving into the reverse slot. It won’t be long before the car totally refuses to reverse. The problem here boils down to a faulty shifter linkage. The problem could also be as a result of shifter bushings. Replacing them could fix the problem.

Point To Note 

You’ll notice that in both manual and automatic transmission Porsche models, reverse gear problems revolve around the gear box. This only highlights why it’s important to take your car for scheduled maintenance. Most, if not of all the aforementioned problems can be identified and fixed during routine maintenance without forcing you to spend much.