Why Are My Porsche Brake Pads Noisy?

You have been driving down the road on a usual day to work when you suddenly notice a loud sound that seems to be produced when metal rubs with your wheels. You tend to be alarmed by that noise. Yes, it can probably be noisy Porsche brake pads that mean you need to replace them. If you are wondering why that noise suddenly becomes bothersome, here is a list of answers.

Metal on Metal Contact

Yes, you have read that right. Metal on metal contact has probably caused the noisy sound you are hearing from your brake pads. This happens actually when the pad's wear indicator has reached its point of contact resulting from the wear and tear of the part. This can produce a grinding noise that indicates there is lack of brake pad material. Since brake pads can eventually be used up, you need to replace them when this is the case. When you notice such a sound then you better strop driving and call for help right away.

Rapid Vibration

There are times when free play happens within the caliper, a part of the disc brake. This is a result of rapid vibration taking place on the brake pad which will eventually make the pad produce a screeching sound that can be irritating to the ear.

Contact between Two Brake Disc Parts

The scraping noise also happens when the rotor disc comes in contact with the caliper. Like with rapid vibration, the reason for this contact is due to the extreme wearing out of the brake pads. Sometimes, the rotor is affected by the pad's wear and tear which makes the noise even louder than usual.

Rear Drums and Drum Brakes Pressing Each other

A thumping noise made by the vehicle when brake is applied can result from when the drum brakes press inside the metal drum. A cutting bit can be made on the brake lathe will result to removal of the older braking surface in order to create a new mating surface. When this happens, the thumping noise becomes present and will be alarming on your part. You will then start questioning if it is still safe to drive your car with this condition. Replacing the rear drums will help get rid of this sound.

Cheap Brake Pads

There are instances when there is a squeaking sound produced by your car. This can really be very annoying and much more to your despair, you can always take that as a sign that danger is coming. The truth is that the sound can only mean you may be using cheap OEM brake pads. The reason they create such a sound is because of the fact that there may be large metal flakes present in the material. This will then mean that pressing the brakes lightly will affect the rotor thus producing the squeak you have always been dismayed about.

Investing in quality brake pads will be the best solution to make sure that you will never have a problem with your brake pads in the near future. You do not want those sounds bothering you from time to time especially when you have just replaced your brake pads.