Why Are All My Volvo Headlights Not Working?

Imagine driving at night then out of the blues, without warning, your Volvo headlights go out. You however notice that the high beams still work. You get worried because you know for sure that driving around with high beams is never a good idea as it blinds other drivers.  You manage to drive safely to your destination but then again you wonder why the headlights went off in the first place just a few months after you bought them. Here’s why:

Headlight Switch

Most modern Volvo models have lever switches on the steering column which operate high beams. The switch is designed to get used often, so it wears out at some point.  It is not a common problem but it happen all the same. You’ll notice the switch has a problem because it won’t feel right each time you use it. It may not click into its right position the way it once did or it may just feel a little loose. Either way, it can easily affect how the headlights work. Your only solution here is to stop by your local authorized dealer and have a Volvo trained technician look at the switch.

Faulty Headlight Sockets

Volvo headlights consist of headlight bulbs firmly plugged into sockets. The sockets get corroded with time. It could be due to a variety of reasons such as the weather or even moisture content that causes rust. Whatever the case, corroded sockets usually compromise the connection and wiring that light up the headlights. Note that in some models, the headlights are all wired, so if one headlight goes out, all the others will also go out. You do not have to worry about high beams tough because they are mostly on a different circuit. They will work just fine even when the low beams fail. For the corroded socket, the best solution is to simply replace the corroded sockets with a new set.

Headlight Wiring

Just as it is often the case with nearly all electrical systems and components, if the Volvo headlight wiring isn’t done right, the whole system will not work.  Sometimes the wiring has nothing to do with negligence on your part. It could be a case of rodents getting under the hood and chewing on the wires or the connection becoming loose on its own. You can use a voltmeter to check for power at the headlights and determine if there’s something preventing electricity from flowing into the headlights.

Headlight Relay Or Fuse

There isn’t a single electrical system or component in your car that is not protected by a fuse. They blow and break the circuit anytime too much power attempts to flow through them. If your headlights suddenly blow out, start by first inspecting their fuses. Remember to also check their relays which serve the same function as fuses. Your headlights will simply not work if the relay and fuse systems that power them blow out.  The solution here is to simply replace the burnt out fuses and relays with new ones.