When Should You Replace Your Porsche A/C Compressor?

Your Porsche A/C compressor is more or less like your car wiper. You never know how important it is until it fails. It then hits you that you just cannot drive around with a faulty A/C Compressor. If anything, a Porsche won’t just start until you fix the problem. Strangely, faulty A/C compressors do not just crop up. They always send ‘signals and hints of failure’ or if you may, ‘red flags’. These signs are usually reminders that you need to replace you A/C compressor. Some of the most common signs include:

Weak Air Flow

Weak air flow coming out of your Porsche’s A/C system is a sign that air can’t reach the vents with ease. This is often caused by accumulated mildew or mold in the loose blower hose, evaporator core, opened core case seals, fried ventilation fan or blower hose seals.

Leaking Dashboard

This can be an eyesore. Worse still, it can cause you sleepless nights. That said, think twice about ignoring visible water stains on your mat. This is usually a clear indication that the dashboard is leaking. Inspect the problem further and it won’t take you long before you discover a clogged hose preventing it from sipping water out. This can be caused by moisture or age. It stands out as a glitch that can be easily ignored. Don’t ignore it though as it create further damage to other components of the A/C compressor.

Losing Its Cool

This sounds like a good pun only that it isn’t. A/C compressors can also lose their cool. This can happen for a number of reasons. It could be because of lack of a refrigerant, a broken compressor, a clogged expansion tube, a damaged evaporator, a failed fuse, a broken switch or a damaged condenser. Unlike the leaking dashboard problem, this symptom is perhaps the easiest one to fix. All one needs to do is find out which of the aforementioned components has been affected.

Leaking Refrigerant

The refrigerant is to an A/C compressor what fuel is to an engine. It is responsible for keeping the car interior cool. A minor refrigerant leak may mean your car will take ages to cool. Ignore the problem for a day or two and the whole A/C will shut down.  Fortunately, there is nothing complex causing the problem. More often than not, the refrigerant leaks because hoses and rubber seals preventing leakage lose their elasticity over time. They then allow the refrigerant to escape. An obvious solution is to of course, replace the A/C rubber seals and hoses.

A/C Suddenly Alternating Between Cool And Warm

The A/C can start blowing out cold air before suddenly getting warm. There is no way around this. You have no choice but to replace the whole A/C system. The problem is usually caused by a clogged expansion valve. The valve blocks the refrigerant from smoothly flowing into the evaporator. A damaged compressor clutch can also be another reason why this happens. It may prevent the compressor from maintain he correct pressure, forcing it to alternate between warm and cool on its own. Leaks or a blown fuse can also cause the same problem.