When Should You Flush Your Porsche A/C System?

Have you ever thought of the importance of flushing your Porsche A/C system? While you do think of this, there is another question that will come to mind and that is when you should flush the system. Here are answers that can help you know when it is about time to flush your system.

What is A/C System Flushing?

Your car's A/C system is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. You need to take note that while the system does its job, there will also come a time when the unit will fail or sometimes be contaminated as well. When sending off the A/C for servicing, professional mechanics make it a point that the system maintains its cooling performance. This is what flushing is all about.

What Happens when A/C Systems are Flushed?

The process of flushing is done in order to get rid of contaminants that have entered into the A/C unit. This is done in order to clean out the system and prevent it from malfunctioning. Take note that dirt that builds up into the unit will affect the efficiency of the A/C system. This has to be removed in order to make sure that there is no restriction as the oil and refrigerant flows into the system.

Why is Flushing Needed?

Generally, flushing is needed in order to make sure that the oil and refrigerant can deliver their respective functions into the system. Since contaminants easily enter into the system, any amount of dirt or debris will affect not just the functioning of the system but also the way with which components in the system work. Flushing will help get rid of all sorts of contaminants from the system and can work both for dirt and debris that has accumulated in it.

When to Flush the A/C System

As per professional advice, it is best to flush your system whenever you send your car out for servicing by your chosen mechanic.  You must also consider flushing the A/C system once you found out that there is a substantial amount of debris inside the orifice tube. Inspecting the amount of refrigerant oil in the system will help dictate too when it is time to flush the system. You must take note that flushing the system will also be required each time the compressor has been removed from the car or whenever you need to replace the old compressor unit that your car has.

Important Reminders when Flushing the System

While flushing is very important in the proper functioning of the A/C system, you must remember that there are some parts in the system that should not be flushed. Among them are driers and accumulators, muffler assemblies on the high side, expansion valves that are either conventional or block types, orifice tube, and the compressor itself. Components that need to be flushed, on the other hand, include A/C hose that connects the compressor and the condenser, evaporator, A/C condenser, and the high side liquid hose.