When And How Should One Fix New Porsche Windscreen Washer Motors?

Your Porsche windscreen washer is very important to your car. If you do not pay much attention to it, expect that the functioning of your wipers will be compromised. If you want to know when and how this component, particularly Porsche windscreen washer motors can be fixed, here are things you must remember.

When to Fix the Porsche Windscreen Washer

There is a usual sound that you will hear when the windscreen washer does its work. There is also a normal movement that it makes when the motor is turned on. When you notice that something is not right with the sound and movement that the washer makes then you must have the motor checked and fixed accordingly.

Disconnect or Remove Necessary Parts

First is you should disconnect the battery before removing electrical connections from the motor. It is recommended that you label whatever it is you have removed to make it easier to refit them at their terminals later on. From here, you should also disconnect the rack from the gearbox in the motor and then unbolt the motor. You can do this with the help of a rack-and-wheel box system. If you have a pushrod system with you, it will also be easy to take out the motor and all other linkages in one piece. Mark angles in the rods too for easier refitting later.

You can now easily remove the motor and linkage after you have freed the wiper spindles. Make sure the arms have been removed and the spindle nuts unscrewed. You must take a closer look at how spacers and washers have been positioned. Mark the linkage after placing the vehicle in park position. In case you notice that the motor failed while the wipers are moving, you must make a mark on the windscreen to denote the positions of the blades and to guide you as well when refitting.

Fixing the Windscreen Washer Motor

Start by removing the long bolts that are holding the endplate to the motor casing. You must also undo the fiber lock plate that holds the spring loaded brush holder. Now, you can open the jaws of the brush holder before sliding it away from the commutator. Inspect the brushes and when you find out that they are only about 3 mm in thickness then you must replace them with new ones.

Proceed to take off the main gear wheel as well as the armature and clean these parts accordingly using a lint-free cloth soaked in methylated alcohol. When fitting new brushes, make sure that the jaws of the brush holder are opened. Clean the commutator in case you have spotted burn or corrosion in it. Use a fine emery cloth when doing so. In case you have noticed that the commutator is badly corroded or pitted, you will need to fit a new windscreen washer motor.

Fixing windscreen washer motors can be a tough job but with the right tools available to help you with, you can do the job. You also need to prepare the OEM Porsche parts that will replace the old and irreparable ones.