What’s Wrong With My Porsche Wipers?

Wipers do not just wipe the windshield. They often prove to be the difference between safety and a bad accident especially during inclement weather conditions when visibility is an issue. To that extent, it makes perfect sense to ensure your wipers are always working. Just like other car components though, wipers sometimes develop glitches. They then malfunction or completely fail. While such setbacks are hard to experience in Porsche models, they do crop up every once in a while. Your best bet is to know a thing or two about what to do in the unlikely event that your wipers start malfunctioning. Here’s what you need to do.

When Water Smears In Both Directions

Dirty or worn blades are often the main culprits here.  Substandard wiper fluid as well as a dirty windshield can also cause water to smear in both directions. The first step here should be to clean the blades as well as the windshield with lukewarm and soapy water.  Then gently wipe the wiper and the windshield with a microfiber towel soaked that’s soaked in rubbing alcohol. Change the fluid if this does not solve the problem.  As a last resort to get rid of streaks on the glass, change the blades.

When Blades Are Off The Rhythm

Though minor, this stands out as one of the most annoying Porsche windshield problems. The blades simply refuse to rotate in a regular and synchronized motion to clear the windshield of debris, water, dirt and snow. These problems indicate a worn out linkage or a loose arm. Fortunately, the solution is simple. You only need to tighten a screw or repair the exhausted linkage.

When You Hear Crushing Noise

You’ll hear the noise when the blade arm is attached to the linkage too tightly. The tightness will case the gears in the blade motor to easily scrape and create grinding noise. Leaving the problem unchecked can turn out to be costly solely because the wiper motor may burn out. With that in mind, have the issue fixed as soon as you hear the crushing noise when the wiper is on.

When You Hear Chattering Noise

This is also a wiper problem you cannot afford to ignore. It happens because of grease, wax and oil build up on the blades and glass. This means the wipers cannot wipe away water completely. You’ll then see streak marks on the wiper path. To get rid of these inconveniences, you’ll have to give the blades and the windshield a good cleaning. A bent wiper arm could also be the reason behind the chattering noise. If this is the case, use pliers to gently twist the arms to ensure the arms are parallel to the Porsche glass surface.

Point To Note

Visibility issues have over the years resulted in so many accidents that could have been avoided by simple wiper repairs. Remember that fixing a wiper problem the moment you first notice it will cost you less than what you may have to spend after ignoring the problem. Take your car for servicing. This is sometimes all you need to ensure you end up with a Porsche that is perfect in all ways thinkable.