What You Need To Know About Lubricating Your Porsche Windshield Wipers

You may not know this but your Porsche wiper blades should be replaced after every six months. This is not a rule cast on stone though. You should also replace your wiper blades as soon as you notice any form of difference in driving visibility.  This is important because visibility plays an integral role as far as safety on the road is concerned. So when your Porsche wiper blades no longer make adequate contact with your Porsche windshield surface, or when they begin to chatter, skip, smear or streak or squeak, consider immediate replacement. From then on, keep the following wiper blade maintenance tips in mind.

Choose The Right Grease

Lithium 12, copper and silicone stand out to be the most common grease types used for lubricating Porsche windshield wipers. Of the three, lithium and silicon happen to be the most effective. Copper grease is mostly used to prevent seizing of different parts which become hot. It is therefore ideal for places in the exhaust system or under the hood. It is in fact, not a lubricant.

Grease bounds copper powder together and copper being a soft metal, lubrication sort of becomes guaranteed. The downside however is, copper powder will vanish at some point leaving pure copper. This will cause more corrosion. This is the main reason why copper grease is never used for brakes.

Silicon And Lithium Grease

They share a lot of similarities. For example, they have a constant viscosity which is hardly compromised by temperature changes. Then there is the fact that they both do not damage, plastic, glass or rubber. Another obvious perk has everything to do with the fact that they last longer compared to other types of greasing options available.

Do note that when it comes to greasing option for whichever part of your Porsche, mineral oil based products stand out as the best option. They are cheaper than silicon and offer good lubrication. If you do not mind spending on silicone however, it is always still a good option.  it all boils down to one’s preferences when one has to choose between silicon grease or mineral oil based grease for wiper blades.

Inspect Your Wiper Blades

Try to do this as often as you can. Then while at it, be on the lookout for metal corrosion especially at claws or joints. Be on the lookout too for broken frames. A detachment of frame arms around connection points or joints will hamper wiper movement, so do the fixing before the detachment forces your Porsche windshield wipers to fail.

Do Not Mix Lubricants

Mixing lubricants of the same type but different viscosity properties will certainly have an impact on the viscosity of the resulting lubricant. The final viscosity will be based on two different variables of each lubricant you mixed. Note that a lubricant’s viscosity is always selected based on a given film thickness. The film provides the separation between stationary elements and moving elements on a wiper. Factors like how fast the blade moves on a windscreen will affect this thickness. So if the final viscosity of the lubricants you mixed happens to be low, the final film will not be thick and strong enough to provide adequate lubrication.