What To Do When Your Porsche A/C Compressor Locks Up

Basically, a compressor is a pump in the air conditioning system which is designed to pump Freon or refrigerant gas to the car engine. This gas is drawn in from one side before it is compressed in the compressor. Once it reaches its compressed state, it will then be sent to the condenser where it will move to the air conditioning system. From here, the refrigerant will continue to expand and then compress. Your Porsche A/C compressor is no different from other A/C compressors because it works in the same manner.

You have to take note that you won't be able to enjoy the cool air inside your car unless your car's A/C compressor works in the usual way it is expected to function. The scenario becomes even worse when it suddenly locks up out of nowhere. Here is what you can do when the A/C compressor locks up depending on what is causing the problem.

Lack of Maintenance

Car A/C compressors, like other auto parts, need regular maintenance. If you will not follow the preventive maintenance schedule for your car's compressor then there is a tendency that it will seize or lock up. The reason behind why this happens is because of the fact that the coolant levels are not properly maintained. Add to that, there is a chance that low-quality refrigerant is also being used. Improper lubrication is another thing to watch out for. Seek the help of experts and make sure the A/C compressor works to prevent it from seizing.

Lack of Compressor Lubricant

Low levels of compressor lubricant can also hamper its functions. It can lack up when you fail to maintain it at the required level. For your Porsche A/C compressor, you can ask an A/C technician as to the specific type of oil needed. You may need to replace compressor lubricant for every 20,000 km or depending on driving conditions.

Lack of Refrigerant Gas

Another thing that can cause the compressor to lock up is the lack of adequate levels of refrigerant gas in the compressor. Even if your car's compressor has the right amount of oil, it does not mean you must not pay attention to the level of refrigerant gas in it. Adequate levels of refrigerant gas will not just simply prevent the compressor from locking up but will also be vital in making sure that damages will be prevented. Aside from making sure that your compressor has the required level, you must also make sure that you only make use of high-quality refrigerant to make all systems work.

There are instances when the compressor locks up due to old age, lack of cleaning, and all other causes you may never imagine. In these cases, you simply need to replace the existing part that you have for your system. When the compressor needs replacement, you can trust service providers offering a wide range of Porsche OEM parts. We have these in our store and you can check which one suits your Porsche car model.