What Should I Know When Buying Porsche Jumper Cables?

Do you ever think about the jumper cables you buy? Chances are, you do not. This is not in any way a bad thing. After all, Porsche models hardly ever break down. They always seem to be in a good condition. On the flipside though, mistakes happen. You could forget your fog lights on or simply end up with a weak battery. A jumper cable will then come to your rescue. To that end, it makes perfect sense to ensure you end up with a decent pair of jumper cables. One you can always rely on. Here’s how to go about buying one.

The Wire Gauge

Wire gauge simply refers to wire thickness. When it comes to jumper cables though, always note that the lower the number indicated on the cable, the thicker the cable. Always go for the thicker option with heavy duty cables. That’s because the current flow during jump start should be high and strong enough to start the car within seconds. With flimsy or weak cables, there is absolutely no guarantee that the cable will draw enough current. At the moment, 10 gauge stands out as the thinnest you can buy. It works fine for both compact and sub-compact cars. For avoidance of doubt, choose no smaller than 8 and 6 gauge.


Your choice of jumper cables should have heavy insulation. There is simple reasons behind this need. Heavy insulation cuts down the amount of heat generated through the cables as you jump start the car. It is possible that when you compare the cables side by side, they may look and feel as though they are heavy gauge. Be keen on the price too. A cheaper price tag can easily mean you are buying a thin gauge wire in an insanely thick insulation wrap. To avoid this, always check for the gauge specified on the package. The note that if the cable is unusually expensive, there is always a good reason behind the price.

The Length

 Just like insulation, length is a critical factor. You may be forced to pull over by the side of a busy road. This means the other car should be behind you for safety reasons. A long cable will make your work easier as it can reach both batteries with ease. Keep in mind that if you have a truck and need to charge from the rear end, you will need to spring for as much as 20 feet. But it isn’t just about the batteries. It is also about your safety.


Your cables should have heavy duty clamps for no other reason other than the fact that the battery needs to be connected to the terminals securely. It does not matter whether you’re connecting the clamps with the side or with the top terminals. Black cables clamps particularly should be heavy duty and strong enough to connect securely to a good ground under the Porsche hood. Note that many heavy duty clamps are usually large in size. As such, your hands will be easily kept away from sparks that are generated as you jump start.