What Makes The Volvo Power Steering To Malfunction?

It is easy to think talk about the engine or the gear box when discussing anything about the most important parts of any vehicle. But has it ever crossed your mind that the steering is just as important as the engine. You probably won’t realize this until your Volvo’s steering column breaks down. Truth is, there’s much more into the steering wheel than just the wheels. You have to look at the whole column to fully appreciate this vital part. In short, the column is made up of so many components that make it easy for you to steer and adjust your car as you move.  But why in the first place does the steering wheel fail sometimes? Read on to learn more.

Passage Way Issues

The lifeblood of your car’s power steering wheel is pegged on the hydraulic fluid pumped through it. The actual mechanism or concept for turning high fluid pressure which is used as a motive force to turn front tires through the steering wheel or gears is a bit complex. It is simply accomplished through several passages. This means that the power steering will fail if any of the passages used to turn the high fluid pressure into motion is clogged. There is only one solution here – flushing. It can only be done by a certified Volvo mechanic.

Another passage way issue has a lot to do with leakage problems. This mostly happens where a rubber house and a hard line meet. It could also happen on the seal where the power steering connects with the tie rods. In many Volvo models, the seals are not serviceable. This means you have to replace the whole steering gear or rack so as to get new seals. The only alternative would be to repair the seals.

Gasket And Gear Problems

Volvo’s steering mechanisms leave no room for malfunctions. They guarantee a smooth and easy driving experience especially if your car uses a power steering. Sometimes though, the steering fails. In most cases, the failure will have something to do with off centered steering wheel. You’ll quickly notice this if the steering wheel refuses to return back to the center position after making a turn. This is often caused by a broken gear or a blockage within the steering column.


Your car should turn when and where you intend it to. Loose bearings can however deny you this luxury. Sadly, this is an inconvenience that can easily compromise not just comfort and luxury but also safety. Loose bearings stand out as the most likely culprit in this case. They can force the car to suddenly jack towards the left or right side as you drive. There is no quick fix solution here but to have the bearings replaced by a certified Volvo mechanic.

Noises As Your Turn The Wheel

Clunking, grinding, clicking or squeaking are all different types of noises your Volvo may make once the steering wheel gets compromised. The thumb rule here is to never ignore any noise from the steering that becomes loud as your turn. This is often a sign that internal bearings and gears have malfunctioned, so you must take your car for repair and servicing.