What Makes The Volvo Brake System So Unique?

Talk of the most efficient braking systems in the automotive world today and you’ll certainly hear someone mention Volvo. That’s because the brand has for a long time made a deliberate effort to guarantee safety and class. Their braking systems now rank highly for several reasons. For instance, the company embraces innovation probably more than any other automotive company does. Then there is the fact that the company employs some of the best brains when it comes to automotive engineering. It therefore does not come as a surprise that they churn out safe, comfortable and fuel efficient cars each year. So what exactly makes Volvo brake systems so unique? Read on to learn more.

In-Built Safety

The concept behind this perk is simple. Volvo models feature brake cylinders with two separate hydraulic systems. There is the primary hydraulic system(which is the main one) and a secondary hydraulic system. These two systems separate front and the rear braking operations.  In case one system fails, the other will still work and you can still brake even at a high speed.

Collision Warning

It is an automatic braking system which uses a radar to quickly detect when a collision is likely to occur. The radar will then pre-charge the brakes within seconds so that as soon as you step on the brakes even lightly, the car applies full braking. The system also flashes a light automatically and makes a warning sound. The system is simply designed to protect the driver, his or her passengers and other road users.

Camera And Radar

This is yet another feature to marvel at. It comes with nearly all the latest Volvo models. The camera detects distance as well as the type of object that is ahead of you. The radar on the other hand measures how fast the object is moving.  It also measures the distance between you and the object.  All these happen quickly before the system prompts you on what to do. If the object is too near and the system senses collision, the car will automatically brake.  The camera and radar work together to ensure the driver does not get many false alarms. You’re only prompted when necessary.

Sensor Fusion

This sounds strange but sensor fusion happens when two sensors(the camera and the radar) provide input to a system processor so as to better understand a situation. For instance, the sensor can quickly distinguish between objects that are not a real threat, like an empty can and objects that pose danger like a real vehicle, an animal, a motorbike or even a bicycle. The system keeps you alert and aware of your surroundings, so you can drive well and brake on time.

Point To Note 

All these perks make the Volvo braking system something to marvel at. Make no mistake about it though. Your driving habits also matter. The condition of your vehicle also plays a key role when it comes to safety. With that in mind, make the mechanic your friend and take your car for regular servicing. Do this at least once every month.