What It Takes To End Up With Perfect Porsche Bearings

While some parts of your Porsche like the axle are designed to move, others are designed to be stationary. This combination always results in friction. But before exploring such complexities it is important to first figure out why the bearing is so important and what it does. First off, the bearing is a series of small metal balls designed to reduce friction at specific places of your car. Without bearings, you will have lots of repairs and replacements to do. Wheel bearings are for example, vital to the entire wheel system of your Porsche. For the most part, they are found close to tires. Apart from reducing friction, they also help carry the weight of your Porsche. It therefore goes without saying that they must always be in a perfect condition. That can happen with the following maintenance tips up your sleeve.

Monitoring And Inspection

Failure to properly maintain your wheel bearings will always lead to building up of heat as a result of excess friction. This can easily result in wheel assembly failure. Wheel bearings may seize and inadvertently cause the when to stop turning. What may then follow is a blowout which always proves to be a disaster when one is driving at a high speed.  Fortunately, such life-threatening mishaps can always be avoided. One only needs to form a habit of monitoring the bearing. This can be done by placing your hand over wheel hubs to feel for heat buildup. You can do this regularly as you stop in the middle of a trip for a toilet break, morning tea, while changing drivers or at the end of the day.


To know if you need to replace your Porsche wheel bearings, secure your car up jack stands. Then place your hands on the tire at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions. Try to tip the wheel. Repeat the process with your hands at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. If you feel or note some free play, then you have to replace your wheel bearings. Another sure sign that your wheel bearings may need replacement is a rhythmic thumping sound or one that mimics playing cards stuck in spokes of a bicycle. Ignore the noise and it will grow louder with time.

Cleaning The Bearings

Gasoline has for a long time been considered by many the best bearing cleaning solution. This is however, a misconception because gasoline always forms a film on Porsche ball bearings. The film then prevents grease from evenly coating the bearing. This results in lockups and overheating. The best you can do is to go for a recommended commercial grade degreaser or have your Porsche cleaned at a licensed service station. Then remember not to overfill your Porsche’s bearing as this can always lead to faulty seals.


This should be easy for most Porsche owners. Unfortunately, the market is awash with so many bearing lubricants with each promising value for money. Always consult an OEM outlet for advice on which lubricant you should go for especially for your Porsche ball bearings. Then by all means avoid mixing lubricants.