What Is A Long-Life Oil Filter And Should You Get It For Your Volvo?

Compared to all other car parts, the shortest replacement intervals are experienced by oil filters. All too often, changing out the oil filter is ignored. If you don't do your own engine work, you might not even realize that a long-life oil filter exists. But exist they do. Now, thanks to these innovative filters, between replacements your car can go up to 10,000 miles before its synthetic oil (and oil filter) need to be changed.

This is a huge improvement over the old 3000-mile limit on inferior oil filters.

Why Use a Long-Life Oil Filter?

More than ever before in the past, more miles are being forced onto the personal vehicles of modern drivers. It's a real chore to have to stop every 3000 miles just to change your oil and filter. It can only take a month or less if you are required to execute excessive commutes.

So, because no one wants to spend every free minute of their time changing their oil, an upgrade was called for. As suggested above, now you can go 10,000 miles before you have to worry about changing your oil filter and synthetic oil. If you don't have these new oil filters in place, you will be stuck changing out your oil and filter every 3000 miles, just like the old days.

What Makes These Oil Filters So Special?

Yes, the specifications on the box that the filter that comes in boast a longer life expectancy number than the box that held your old oil filter. What's great about this oil filter is that the claim made on the box actually has proven to be true in testing. But how do these filters last so long?

Manufacturers of long-life oil filters have included specific features to extend the life of the filter. These include the following:

  • In the case of a filter becoming completely clogged, the oil can keep flowing thanks to new custom bypass valves.
  • In order to put up with the extended number of starts that will be allowed on one filter, stronger drain valves were installed.
  • To prevent collapse under movement of the baffle or high-pressure, reinforced centers were manufactured.
  • To trap smaller particles, a finer weave in the cellulose baffle is used.
  • To restrict flow, while still trapping and holding more dirt, deeper baffles were developed.
  • To prevent pieces of road debris doing accidental damage, thicker metal shells are used.

Does Your Oil Filter Measure Up?

Some of today's newer models already contain extended life oil filters with which to increase intervals for required maintenance. In fact, these precise oil filters are even recommended in the vehicle’s manual.

Changing your oil filter is not one of the most complicated processes in existence. If, of course, you don't have the right tools, know-how, sufficient space in which to do the job, an oil catch pan and somewhere to dispose of the old oil, you might simply want to refer the job to your reliable mechanic. And always use Volvo parts in a Volvo because substituting can cause expensive problems down the line.