What Does The Porsche Windscreen Wiper Motor Do?

You may take your windscreen wipers for granted, especially as they work effortlessly when you switch them on. However, there is more to a windscreen wiper than meets the eye. In fact, if the wiper motor is not working correctly, those seemingly innocent windscreen wipers could do a lot of damage to your car. Let’s have a look at the components of your Porsche windscreen wipers.

The Wiper Blades

The first thing you see is the wiper blade. There are usually two, although some cars have just one wiper blade that sweeps across the whole of the windscreen. These wiper blades are attached to a wiper blade arm.

The Wiper Blade Arm

The wiper blade arm is what connects to both the wiper blades and the motor that makes the wipers work. This is an important part of the package as if the arm is broken or malfunctioning, then the wipers will not work. Although important, it is not as important as the windscreen wiper motor.

The Windscreen Wiper Motor

Your wipers need some form of energy or force to make them work and this is the function of the windscreen wiper motor. However, the energy directly from the motor, powered by the car’s engine would be too much for just the windscreen wipers, so there is also the need for a worm gear that can downgrade the energy to the correct ratio for the wipers.

Is The Worm Gear Important?

In short, yes, it is very important. The job of the worm gear is twofold. Firstly, it multiplies the torque of the car motor by about 50 times, whilst at the same time, it slows the output speed of the motor by the same amount. This output then operates a linkage or rod attached to the wipers and this powers them across the windscreen.

There Is Another Component – The Cam

Additionally, a short cam is connected to a long rod and it spins when activated by the windscreen motor. The wipers are attached to a rod, which is moved by the action of the cam and this activates the windscreen wipers.

 Electric Circuit

Inside the motor and the worm gear, there is an electric circuit that can sense where the wipers are. It is the job of this circuit to maintain the wipers with power until they reach the parked or down position.

Worn Out Motor

As with anything else on your Porsche, the motor can break or just wear out, at which point it needs to be replaced. You can replace the Porsche windscreen motor yourself cheaply and easily, or you can choose to take it to a recognized Porsche repair shop. Either way, it is something that needs to be working perfectly otherwise you may find your beautiful car damaged by a wayward wiper arm that is not being controlled by the correct amount of power.

Beauty In Motion

So, the next time you switch on your Porsche windscreen wipers, take a second to think about all that energy at work under the hood, just to undertake such a simple task.