What Does The Porsche A/C Compressor Do?

Half a century ago, the idea of incorporating A/C systems in cars seemed like a concept that would never become a reality. No one thought it would be possible to lower temperatures inside the passenger compartment by at least 25° from the outdoor weather. The automotive industry has since advanced. Cars now come complete with some of the most advanced A/C Compressors known to man. The Porsche A/C compressor is for instance, a marvel most car owners gape at. But just how does an A/C compressor work? What makes the Porsche A/C compressor special? To answer these questions, one only needs to understand the components of an A/C compressor and what each component does.

The Compressor

Think of it as the heart of your Porsche’s A/C system. Without it, you’re left with nothing but blowing fans that can only suck the air outside.  The compressor’s main role is to pressurize the refrigerant. It also senses the temperature inside the vehicle and makes desired adjustments when activated to moderate temperature. Like nearly all other engine parts, the air compressor is powered by a serpentine belt. There is a slight difference when it comes to a Porsche A/C compressor though. So perfectly designed is the compressor that the car won’t start if the serpentine belt snaps. This is appears to be a deliberate move by Porsche, in a bid to guarantee safety.

The Condenser

It is responsible for converting cool or hot gas into a cold fluid. Located in front of the radiator, it can transform air in a way that can never be possible with a conventional motor fan. Its position in front of the radiator is one of the main reasons why it is sometimes thought of as a miniature auto radiator. It also radiates humid air that is sucked into the air compressor. It then depressurizes, cools and liquefies the air before sending into the dryer. Clogs, cracked tubes and fluid leaks are all signs of a malfunctioning condenser.

The Receiver Dryer

Yet another important component of Porsche A/C compressor, the receiver dryer is designed to safeguard the air compressor from moisture and dirt. As atmospheric air passes through the A/C system, the receiver quickly traps water and other impurities. It filters the impurities from the gas before it sent the gas into the air compressor.  This is an important process for two main reasons. First, without the filtering process, water would penetrate and eventually damage the air compressor. Secondly, without the process, moisture will easily mix with refrigerant. This will unleash acidic contaminants straight into the A/C system and shut it down.

The Accumulator

Accumulators are sometimes used in vehicles that are fitted with orifice compressor tubes instead of the usual thermal expansion compressor valves. They are therefore used, as an alternative to dryers. They filter dirt and eliminate moisture from incoming air. Accumulators are also designed to restrict the amount of refrigerant that gets into the evaporator.

There are of course, other components that make up a complete Porsche A/C compressor. They include the expansion valve, the evaporator and the clutches. The 4 mentioned above are however, the most important.