What Does The Color Of The Fluid Leaking From My Porsche Mean?

Your Porsche needs a wide range of crucial fluids to run. These fluids keep the engine, the steering wheel and the gear box in optimum condition. Without them, your Porsche will do just as well as the human body without water. In simple words, it will fail. That is exactly why you should be worried anytime you see fluid leaking from any component of your car. Be keen on what you see though because the color of the fluid leak will give you an important hint as to where the problem is and how you can fix it. Read on to learn more.

Yellow Fluid

Typically, you’ll notice yellow fluid leaking from the engine. The most likely culprit here is the radiator. Chances are, you’re using the wrong coolant. You may have also damaged the clamp or the O ring. A diagnostics test will ascertain where the problem is, so consider taking your car to a licensed Porsche mechanic. The mechanic may have to flush the radiator to fix the problem.

Clear Fluid

 This is perhaps the most harmless leak you will ever come across. It shouldn’t worry you at all. Make sure though that the fluid is clear and odorless. You need not to worry because your Porsche’s air conditioning system creates condensation. This can appear to be a leak but it is not.  

Green Fluid

Unlike the aforementioned clear fluid which shouldn’t you get worried, this one should. It simply means there is something wrong with your car’s antifreeze. Either you’re using the wrong one or your car has a lose clamp or hose. Note though that occasionally, the green fluid leak may have nothing to do with the antifreeze. The best way to find out what or where the problem is in this case is to take your car for diagnostics.

Red Fluid

This is usually a sign that transmission fluid is leaking. It is a dangerous leak because before long, the leak will make it impossible for the car to move. The leak could also mean something‘s wrong with the power steering. Whatever the case, do not for whatever reason ignore the red fluid leak. Have your car inspected the moment you notice it.

Pink Fluid

It is more or less like the red fluid as far as tracing what causes it is concerned. In other words, it is a good indicator that something is wrong with the power steering or with the transmission system. It could also mean that there is a hole in the transmission seal or a leak in the return line.

Orange Fluid

There is a wide misconception that orange fluid leaks mean the brake fluid is impure. This is of course, not the case. Orange fluid leak has very little to do with the brake fluid. It has everything to do with the antifreeze or the transmission system. Orange fluid leak can also mean that there is rust in the radiator.  Note that the leak may not be deep orange. It could be dark orange or brownish in color mostly because or rust.