What Causes Porsche Windshield Wipers To Slow Down?

Windshield wipers are very important parts of your car's entire assembly. In the case of luxury cars like Porsche autos, the last thing you will ever want is for your Porsche windshield wipers to slow down in any given situation. While they can still remove traces of water, dirt, or debris on the windshield, they cannot give the windshield as much protection as they used to and can compromise driving visibility. What cause the wipers to slow down?

The Wiper Motor

When you happen to notice that your windshield wipers slow down, the first culprit you will ever think of is that one connected to the wiper motor. Mechanical components found inside the wiper motor can get clogged which can impact the pace with which the motor works. The wiper motor needs to be checked right away in order to see if it is the real culprit to why your windshield wipers have slowed down.

Intermittent Wiper Relay Switch

Electronic relays are forced to work even during hot summer days or even in the most disturbing weather conditions. Sometimes, they can be subjected to constant abuse as well. In the case of the wiper relay which can be found inside the wiper control handle, you can see selector switches that allow drivers to use multiple settings for their windshield wipers. This too can be damaged and can compromise the functions of the windshield wiper. Aside from slowing it down, the relay can also make the system useless.

Other Problems that Can Lead to Slowing Down the Windshield Wipers

In connection with an intermittent wiper relay switch, one problem can also be noted which is having only one speed for the windshield wiper blades. Since the relay switch is responsible for sending the corresponding electrical signal so that the module can work, a compromised wiper relay switch will also compromise the wiper motor and all other gears found inside it. It is not at all times that this will mean that your wipers will slow down while in use.

Depending on when the relay became faulty, the windshield wiper will work at the same speed as that when the last signal was sent from the relay. This means that if your windshield wipers were wiping at slow speed the last time then they will work on the same pace once you have turned them on even if you switch the relay to a different setting.

Avoiding Wiper Problems

Never wait until it is too late to replace your wiper blades or it will mean changing the entire wiper assembly at one time. Since visibility should always be your top priority, you cannot just allow your blades to produce smears and patches over the windshield. Otherwise, you will put your life on the line especially when you are driving under extreme weather conditions or during night time.

You simply need to fit quality wipers to your luxury car once every year regardless of whether you are using them often. Make sure that you only get high-quality OEM Porsche parts to replace the old ones you were using. This will ensure that your wipers will work their best all the time.