What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Volvo Cabin Air Filter?

A Volvo car comes with different types of air filter. Basically, the task of the filter media, as the name suggests, is to make sure that there is healthy-flowing air inside the engine and the ride. It has different types too. One of which is the cabin air filter. Get to know what this is all about and which symptoms say that this part has gone bad.

What a Cabin Air Filter Does

The Volvo cabin air filter is no different from cabin air filters found in other vehicles. Its main function is to filter the air that is being fed into the car's air conditioning and heating systems. Apart from this basic function, it also takes charge of filtering foreign particles, dust, and pollen so that the cabin will remain healthy.

Like any other types of engine filters, a cabin air filter can also get dirty because of their specific functions. When they do, they need to be replaced, most especially when they are already excessively contaminated. It is not easy to spot whether they need change already unless the symptoms below show up.

Unusual Odor

If you notice that that there is an unusual odor that comes out of the vehicle's interior vents, you must take that as a warning that something has gone wrong with the cabin air filter. The smell can be associated with anything from dirty to dusty to even musty in nature. The smell becomes more evident once you turn the air conditioning system on, and at the worst, it can cause discomfort on the part of passengers.

Poor Air Flow

Do you notice the poor air flow coming out of the interior vents even if you have already turned the knob into the highest setting? This can be a sign of an excessively contaminated cabin air filter. This happens because the component can no longer filter incoming air as it used to when it was still new. This can block and restrict air flow on the air conditioning system. It can also result in less force when blowing air through the vents, thus making the AC less cool than usual. This can also place strain on the blower motor of the system.

What You Should Remember when it Comes to Cabin Air Filters

A cabin air filter is no different from other car components. It has a crucial role to play when it comes to keeping air clean and cool inside the car. That responsibility makes it integral in a car's functioning. It may be simple but it has to be replaced whenever the situation calls for it. Otherwise, the air conditioning system will no longer work efficiently.

It can also keep the cabin a more comfortable space for passengers. You never want dirty air circulating around the vehicle. If it is dirty then all you need to do is have it examined by a professional and replace the filter with a new one. When you have remembered all these, you will be able to enjoy your luxury ride the way you did before.