What Are The Different Volvo Exhaust Components?

Your car engine may be able to start without the car engine. But how far can it go without the exhaust system? Truth is, it can’t really move. It is therefore safe to conclude that the exhaust system is just as important as the engine. You have to understand how it works. How else will you maintain your car? Fortunately, the exhaust system is easy to understand. This is despite the fact that it is made up of so many components. There is also the fact that there are different types of exhaust systems. Chances are the Volvo exhaust components that come along with modern models differ in so many ways from the ones that were made a decade or two ago. Either way, some components remain constant. Read on to learn more about them.

The Header

They are specially designed tubes that expel gases from individual cylinders. Without them, the engine will struggle to cool down as it expels gases. The header steps in to lessen the engine’s workload.  As this happens, the engine’s performance is greatly improved. Headers come in different designs. They can be made from stainless steel with or without coating and paint. They can also be made from polished chrome for those who are keen on aesthetics.

The Muffler

The muffler can change not just the look of your car but also how it sounds. The concept behind how they work is simple. They are fitted with sets of tubes with special holes in each tube. They are also fitted with chambers. The chambers and tubes are then finely tuned to reflect the sound waves produced by the engine. The kind of fine tuning done here is so advanced that the sounds produced by the engine cancel each other out. Without the muffler the sound coming off the exhaust would be extremely loud.

The Catalytic Converter

Toxic molecules make up pollutant gases in your car. Strangely, these molecules are made from atoms that are relatively harmless. To ensure your car does not pollute the air, the molecules that make up pollutant gases must be split up before immediately they leave the car engine and before they get released into the air. That’s what the catalytic converter is all about.  It is a large metal box firmly bolted under the car.

Its design is simple. It has two pipes coming off it. One pipe, which is the input pipe, is connected to the engine. Its main work is to bring in hot, polluted fumes from engine cylinders where fuel combusts and produces power. The second pipe is the output. It is connected to the tailpipe which is commonly referred to the exhaust. Chemical reactions occur on this pipe’s surface, breaking apart all the pollutant gases and converting them to harmless gases that get released to the air.

Other Parts

There are other components of the exhaust system that are just as important as the components mentioned above. There is for instance, the exhaust manifold which helps the catalytic converter to lessen the effects of the gases your car releases into the air. There is also the turbo charger and the exhaust pipe. All these components play different roles which make it possible for the exhaust system to work as it should. Take your car for regular service to ensure these components never fail.