What Are The Different Types Of Volvo Exhaust System Problems?

Volvo exhaust system problems come in six main categories, which are reduced acceleration or power, excessive engine noise, the smell of gas, poor fuel efficiency, a burning smell and an exhaust pipe that hangs. Understanding these different issues and what causes them will make your repairs easier.

What Is The Function Of The Exhaust?

The exhaust is tasked with eliminating gases which are produced by engine combustion. The unit is typically comprised of a tube which extends to the vehicle’s rear. They also house a catalytic converter, which is used for gas cleansing. Exhaust systems come in different variants, and while some are optimal for standard Volvos, others are more suitable for higher performance models.

Reduced Acceleration Or Power

This problem is mainly seen in engine performance. You will notice that the car won’t accelerate as rapidly or smoothly, and you’re not getting the power that you experienced in the past. This issue is typically caused by exhaust leakage and will worsen if not addressed promptly.

Excessive Engine Noise

If you notice that your engine is louder than usual, this should be a cause for concern. It could be a sign that the manifold gasket of the exhaust has gone bad, which will result in leakage that makes the sound of tapping and hissing. The noise is particularly elevated during cold starts or whenever the vehicle accelerates.

The Smell of Gas

If you detect the smell of gas within the vehicle while driving it, this is another indication of an exhaust issue. It typically occurs when an exhaust tube or pipe becomes damaged and begins leaking. Once this happens, gasoline fumes will escape through the openings, ending up in places where they shouldn’t be, such as your car’s cabin.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

When vehicle acceleration and power go down, poor fuel efficiency is usually the culprit. This is because weak fuel efficiency forces the vehicle to work harder to achieve its past performance, which drains extra fuel. Most car owners are reluctant to address it due to the perceived high cost, but over the long term they will spend even greater amounts on gas if the needed repairs aren’t made.

Burning Smell

A burning smell is almost always the result of a gasket that has malfunctioned. When it breaks down it will usually start leaking, and if engine wires or other parts are close to it, the hot fluid will cause them to burn, which will release the odor. If the smell is accompanied by smoke, this means you have a major emergency that requires the car to be taken to a mechanic immediately. In fact, due to the dangers of inhaling the gases it is probably best to leave the car where it is and have it towed to the mechanic shop rather than driving it yourself.

The Exhaust Pipe Hangs

If the exhaust pipe starts drooping and dragging along the street, this is another major issue that requires immediate attention. The reason for this is because a hanging pipe is dangerous both to anyone driving the vehicle and anyone behind it in the event the pipe falls off.