What Are Remote Porsche Car Starters?

The Porsche rolls right off the factory line complete with an amazing remote car starter functionality. That should not be surprising given that Porsche is a model mostly associated with class, innovation and value for money.  With the starter, it becomes easy to warm up the engine remotely. Oxygen sensors then get heated up on time. Emission controls, on the other hand, work at peak efficiency as soon as you back out of the driveway. It gets better with the fact that you can also slide into a sleek, pre-warmed passenger compartment in cold winter mornings and take time to enjoy a burst of cold yet fresh air before driving off on a summer commute.  But is that all about remote Porsche car starters? Certainly not! There’s more.

How They Work

The concept behind how remote Porsche car starters work is simple. A component is connected to the car’s ignition system. The component is then fitted with a radio receiver. Each time the component receives a signal from the transmitter, which is a key fob, it activates the car’s starter motor.  

Note that old Porsche models did not have inbuilt remote starters. There are, however, special starter kits available for them. They require a special type of bypass mechanism for the remote starter to work on its own without a key in the ignition.


Porsche remote car starts boast of several features all in the name of convenience. It gets better with the fact that the remotes are easy to use. The said key features include:

  • Starter disconnect
  • 2-way remote controls
  • Control vis smartphone application
  • Keyless entries
  • Auxiliary remote outputs

2 Way Remote Controls

Most remote car starts use simple receiver/transmitter set up. This allows you to ignite your car with the press of a button. The concept is a little different in 2 way remote systems. The remote control device can send and receive signals.  This makes it possible for the remote to display information like the temperature inside your car. You can, therefore, wait until your car cools or warms up before getting in.

Theft Prevention

Remote car starts have to be hooked into an ignition system so as to work. This means with the remote, you can easily shut down the ignition system. It does not end there. If you activate the disconnect feature, the remote will prevent the car from being hotwired.  The remote will also set off the alarm then disconnect the starter before shutting off the vehicle. The remote is therefore not just another device but an efficient anti-carjacking tool.


Newer Porsche models come complete with remote starters. Not so with older models as already mentioned. You will need installation for them. Your best bet would be to hire an expert to get the job done. But even then, you will have a small learning curve which should be easy for anyone. The remote and the whole system are easy to use. You can in fact, integrate the system with your smartphone using a Porsche application.