What Are Porsche Ball Bearings Used For?

Ball bearings come in different types depending on the different kinds of applications they are being used for. They have been around for centuries and have been used in hard drives, skateboards, cars, and a lot more. They have been designed in order to help handle radial as well as thrust loads. Learn more about them and find out specifically what Porsche ball bearings are used for.

The Ball Bearing Structure

In order for ball bearings to serve their specific functions, they follow a simple structure. They basically have a ball within internal as well as external smooth metal surfaces and are used for rolling purposes. The ball is responsible for carrying the weight of the entire load while the force coming from the weight of the load is responsible for the rotation of the bearing.

Kinds of Loading

The two different types are the thrust and radial loading. A thrust load is one where stress is placed on the bearing on a different way when compared to the radial load. This is when a bearing like those in a tire changes once the tire has been flipped. During the flipping process, the complete force becomes different at that particular angle with which the tire is flipped.  In a radial load, you can think of a pulley where weight is placed on the bearing. From there, the weight will result in either the rolling or rotation of the bearing due to tension.

How Ball Bearings Work

Ball bearings work by transferring the load that comes from the outer race to the ball going to the inner race. Following a spherical shape, the ball allows everything to spin in a smoother manner as it touches both outer and inner races at very small points. Take note though that once the bearing has not been used properly then there is a tendency that the entire process of rotation or turning can lead to challenges while carrying the load. The balls can become deformed and may need replacement.

Ball Bearings in Everyday Life

Ball bearings are used in various applications. They can be found in appliances like blenders and microwave ovens as well as in exercise equipment. They can also be found in washing machines, water pumps, bicycles, DVD players, and other forms of machineries and equipment. They are also used in more advanced technological applications such as in weather satellites.

Porsche Ball Bearings

Ball bearings can also be found in cars including those of luxury cars like Porsche. Ball bearings for cars are responsible for making the wheels turn. Typically riding on a metal axle shaft and fits tightly inside the hub, ball bearings in Porsche and other cars will need lubrication for them to function properly. While some ball bearing types no longer need lubrication, that theory does not apply in the case of wheel bearings.

Make sure that your ball bearings function properly all the time. When they need replacement, you can order wheel bearings from reputable dealers selling OEM Porsche parts.