What Are Common Volvo Windshield Wiper Problems?

Windshield wipers are often neglected especially when the sun is out the whole day and there is no sign of rain falling on the windshield at any time of the day. What if the rain suddenly comes out of nowhere and you have to put your wipers into use? What if once you put them to work, you will notice that something is wrong with the mechanism? It can be too late to make a replacement at this time. Auto shops may be closed to cater to your concern. Before this happens to you, you need to be familiar with the common Volvo windshield wiper problems to help you know when to replace them.

Water Beads Stay on the Windshield

Wipers were made to get rid of dirt and water that fall onto your windshield when you are driving on a rainy day. When beads stay on the surface of the windshield even with the windshield wipers in operation, you will certainly be annoyed. These are supposedly the easiest things to wipe away with your wipers functioning properly. They can obscure your line of sight when driving and even keep you engrossed watching as to how they move over the surface.

Water beads commonly occur when you drive in areas exposed to higher pollution. What cause the beads to get stuck on the windshield are the residue and grime on the surface. You may need to treat your windshield when this is the case. Make sure though that you thoroughly clean the surface first in order to remove any residue that may have built up there. Use a wax remover in case a strong glass cleaner won't work.


Smearing in both directions should be taken as a sign that something is wrong with your wiper blades. Before replacing these parts, however, you might want to try cleaning the windshield with a new wiper fluid first. You can clean your wiper blades using a rag that has been dipped in lukewarm, soapy water. Wipe the blades' edges using rubbing alcohol. This will lessen the smears produced on your windshield.

Smearing may also happen in only one direction of the blade. This commonly happens when it is cold outside. In case you notice this type of smearing during a hot day, it is either your wiper blades are already old or you have the wrong size of blades on your wipers. In both cases, replacing the wiper blades will be necessary.

Unusual Sound

That chattering sound when your wipers wipe off any residue over the windshield can be alarming. It does not merely mean that the wipers cannot wipe off the dirt efficiently. It can also mean that water can get stuck over the surface. This can be a result of a wax, grease or oil buildup on the windshield. Clean your blades and your windshield in order to get rid of this.

A bent wiper arm may also be one of the reasons for that chattering sound. You will need to bring the wiper up to check if the blade assembly still looks the same as when you bought them. Make sure that the blades still come in full contact with the windshield. When arms are bent, you need to carefully twist them so that they can be parallel with the glass once more. In case the chattering is caused by a frozen glass, leave it to defrost so that you can use the wiper accordingly.