What Are Common Volvo Sunroof Problems?

Your Volvo sunroof may well be one of your car’s favorite features. But as with anything that has moving parts, things can go wrong. Typically, there's a couple of things that tend to happen with sunroofs in general. But were going to take a look at what can happen and what to do about it in the following piece.

The Sunroof Is Closed But Rain Comes In

You have a leaky roof if, even after you close your Volvo sunroof uptight, you are still getting water coming through your roof (noticed around the edges of the sunroof). Your car’s interior can be messed up in no time, whether the water is gushing through or dripping slowly. Fortunately, there are a number of things that can be done to attempt a fix. These are going to consist of methods that you can use to clean out the sunroof’s drainage system and then repair the seal. Let's take a look at some details:

  • Your sunroof has a trough which may need to be cleaned. You'll find it situated at the rubber seal’s inner side. At the base of your sunroof’s seal, there are drain tubes. These drain tubes need to be cleaned out. Blast compressed air through them in an attempt to clean them.
  • If that's not enough, find a flexible, skinny metal wire. Insert it into the drain tube and twist it counterclockwise, then clockwise, all while working the wire deeper and deeper into the drain tube. Once this has been completed, it's time to test out the sunroof. Close it and pour a good amount of water down over the top of your car, including the sunroof. Still leaking? Go to step three.
  • Check the seal very carefully looking for jagged edges or cracks. Look for mold or pooling water. If you find a problem area, apply black liquid electrical tape to the area. If leaks still persist, it's time for a professional service provider or to replace the seal on your own (provided you have the know-how and the tools).

Did Your Sunroof Get Stuck?

If a Volvo sunroof doesn't open and close it is virtually useless. Let's see what we can do about freeing up that sunroof.

  • Step one – with a drill or screwdriver, gently remove the glass panel.
  • Step two – You're going to be checking the sunroof mechanisms for the following: grease buildup, debris (clean it out), stripped or cracked components or gears.
  • Step three – Start your car and run your sunroof through its positions. Check for problem areas as the gears move.
  • Step four – If you find problem components, remove and replace them.

Are You Taking Proper Care of Your Sunroof?

You can increase the operational longevity and preserve the appearance of your Volvo sunroof with proper maintenance and care. You should be able to get many years of enjoyment from your sunroof with a minimum of trouble.

Inside and out, be sure to clean your sunroof regularly. It's okay to use a glass cleaner as long as it doesn't contain vinegar or ammonia. Use a lint free cloth and mild detergent to wipe your sunroof’s rubber gaskets to assure proper sealing. With cool water and a lint free rag, rinse the gaskets after cleaning. They can be lubricated with a lubricant that is silicone-based. If, around the metal frame, you find wax buildup, remove it with mild detergent and old toothbrush.

Finally, make sure that none of your sunroof’s mounting hardware is exposed. The track should remain clean and sliding rails lubricated.