What Are Common Porsche Windshield Wiper Problems?

The windshield wipers are more important to your health and safety than you give them credit. Imagine driving at speed through torrential rain or heavy snow and no matter how fast you have your wipers moving they fail to clear your windshield. Can you see where that might be a problem? Let us look at a few common Porsche windshield wiper problems.

Do You Have Smearing?

If your windshield wipers smear the windscreen when asked to do their job, then you may need to clean them? Your first thought might be why do I need to clean them – I only put them on when there is water around! That is true, but rainwater and debris, dirt and general detritus from the roads as well as from the atmosphere can get underneath the wiper blades and then they can streak across your windshield. By giving them a quick wipe with hot soap and water should do the trick. The fault may also lie if you use inferior windshield wiper fluid, but that is unlikely in your wonderful Porsche, but worth a check.

Water Cleared In One Direction Only

If the rainwater is cleared from your windshield but is smeared on one side of the wipers, then you may need to replace your wipers. They don’t last forever, and extremes of temperatures can make them become hard or crack and once they deteriorate they will no longer do their job. This may also be a sign of the incorrect size of the wiper blade, so when you do look at replacing them, ensure you fit with the correct size.

Water Droplets On The Windshield That Are Not Removed On Wiping

Although at first glance this looks like Porsche Windshield Wiper problems, it may not necessarily be the case. There is so much pollution and dirt in the atmosphere that the grime may just adhere to your windshield, causing the water to form droplets. No matter how frantic your windshield wipers move, they will not remove them. The best fix is to ensure you give the windshield a thorough clean and then treat it with water repellant. That should do the trick.

Streak Marks In A Pattern Across The Windshield Accompanied By A Chattering Noise?

This could be caused by defective windshield wiper arms. They can become bent or misshapen and this will move the wiper blades out of alignment with your windshield. Check all is well with the windshield arm, and if it needs maneuvering so it is parallel with the windshield glass then you can do this gently with a pair of pliers. It may be the case that one or both of the windshield wiper blade arms needs replacing and if so then that is an easy job to do yourself. Pay attention to the weather. Sometimes the wiper blades can become frozen due to the conditions outside. If that is the problem, it will disappear as soon as they arm up a little.

If you do need to replace any of your Porsche parts, remember to always use authentic and genuine parts from a reputable Porsche parts dealer.