What Are Common Porsche Headlight Issues?

It is hard, almost impossible to avoid headlight issues. It does not matter how well one drives. The headlight will at one point or another, develop an issue. It, therefore, makes sense to know a thing or two about what to do when your Porsche light socket breaks or simply gives you a hard time. How do you troubleshoot and fix the problem?  The process sounds long and tiresome. It is not.  The following troubleshooting tips will make your work easy.

Consider Safety First

The Porsche model, with all its sleek features and class, hardly ever compromises safety. This does not mean though that you should overlook common precautions as far as safety is concerned. With that in mind, always observe the following safety guidelines before working on the light socket or any other part.

  • When the engine is hot – Give it some time to cool down before working on it. Patience is important here. Avoid wires, pipes and any metal component around the engine block until it cools off completely.
  • Turn off the engine – Always turn off the engine before working near it. Getting your hand suddenly sucked in by a rotating belt in a bid to fix the light socket is no one’s idea of having fun. This sounds like an obvious precaution, but people forget it all the time.
  • When it doubt – Leave anything you do not understand to the experts. The wiring around the light socket is particularly delicate. So if you have to think twice about it even after referring to the manual, you certainly are doing the wrong thing.

Fuse That Keeps Blowing Out

This can be frustrating. To fix the problem, unplug the light then pull the switch. See if the fuse blows. If it doesn’t, the problem has nothing to do with the wiring. Buy the correct wattage of bulb then try again. Check too if the high beam bulb is the problem. Replace it if does not turn on. Be sure to also check for exposed wiring and insulate where necessary.

Headlight That Keeps Burning Out

There are so many possible reasons why your Porsche headlight keeps burning out. It could be that you handle the bulb with your bare fingers as you replace or inspect them.  To avoid this, handle all headlight bulbs with clean surgical gloves. Then replace any existing bulb you may have handled incorrectly. Oil, as most Porsche experts will tell you, will always cause your bulbs to burn out within a short time. So avoid touching your Porsche headlight bulbs with oily fingers or even placing them near or on oily surfaces.

Loose Headlights

This is easy. Ensure that the bulb is always held tightly and securely in place There should be no unnecessary motion or wiggle room. Porsche bulbs that wiggle or are prone to excess motion always break and eventually burn out. Remember to also check for signs for corrosion on the sockets. Wipe off the socket with a dry cloth, wire brush or even the tip of the tester. If this does not work, replace the affected socket.

Flickering Headlights

You will most likely need an expert to fix the problem. That’s because flickering lights are always a sign that there is something wrong with the wiring. Check your battery clamp connections. They may have become weak as a result of the engines constant vibration. Wiggle every wire in the headlight circuit, but be keen to avoid electrocution. If none of these works, contact a mechanic.