Types Of Porsche Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are very important parts of a car. They function in clearing the windshield to free the driver from visibility obstructions whether during a snowy and rainy day or during fall. Porsche windshield wipers are no different from other car windshield wipers. Typically, they have an angle spanning 67 degrees with blades that are about 30 to 76 centimeters long with lengths that increase in about 5-centimeter increments. Different types are also available.

Two-Windshield Wipers

This is the standard wiper that operates in a single motor, tandem scheme. One wiper is found on the driver's side and the other is positioned at the middle part of the windshield and moves along the passenger's view. These wipers are secured to parts called pivots. Pivots and wipers are mounted on brackets on the end of the long rod, also known as, the connecting link. Once the motor is pushed by a certain type of force then the wiper will move and function accordingly.

Tandem Scheme and Opposed Scheme in Two-Windshield Wipers

Two-windshield wipers operating in a tandem scheme is said to be the most common type of windshield wiper. In this scheme, blades produce overlapping cleared areas over the part of the windshield with which it is made to move. The greatest overlap is made in front of the driver. In the case of an opposed scheme, the blades begins moving on the windshield toward the sides of the car then the blades will overlap as they pivot at the windshield center.

Single Wiper

Although the single wiper seems to be very rare these days, there are still some Porsche car models having this design for the wiper. In this case, the wiper is positioned at the center of the windshield where it swings following an arc. It comes with variations where a single-arm controls the movement while sweeping over the glass and the arm lengthens to reach the car sides as it moves. This will retract again so that it can return to its original position, with its point found straight up at the center of the windshield. The single-controlled system produces multiple arcs during movement.

Using your Windshield Wipers Wisely

Remember that owning a luxury car like Porsche is a dream come true and if you want it to last a long time, it pays to get to know the parts better, windshield wipers included. Whenever you notice something is wrong with the wipers, check which part needs to be replaced. You may need to replace the arm or at some point the blades of the windshield. In some instances, the entire wiper may need to be replaced.

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